2017-2018 Daily Donor List

Thank you!

Benefactor ($1,500-$1,999): Daniel & Susan Curran, in memory of George & Irene Curran and Patrick Curran; Dennis Fisher & Melanie Adams; Howard & Elizabeth Jaffe.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Anonymous, in memory of Michael E. Casey (1974-2013); Chris Chaffin, in memory of Christine Chaffin; Donald & Elizabeth Dorfman; Cynthia Livingston; Matthew & Helen Verghese.

Supporter ($500-$999): Canavese-Naffziger Family; Jill Ducey; Charles Getz; Diana Kissel & John Cullison.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Amy & Steve Bess, in honor of Clay Spickard; Ken & Penny Donnelly, in memory of Jerry Garcia; Ted & Vida Freeman, in memory of Viv; Edward Gould; Mary Lynn Reed, in memory of Scott, Katie, Mama, Daddy, Margaret and Stan; Joel & Cynthia Sabenorio; Richard Shipps; Gretchen Whisenand, in memory of Fats Domino; Matthew J. Williamson.

Booster ($150-$249): Larry Brinkin & R. Wood Massi; Anonymous, in memory of Mary Brown; Anonymous, in memory of Salvador Castillo; Andrea & Cliff Greenberg; Elinore & Carl Kinczel; Anonymous, in memory of Lucy the Cat; Janet T. Roth.

Contributor ($100-$149): Bobette Blackwood, in memory of Gordy Callaghan; Ellen Boyd, in memory of Joan Ruggles; Celeste Chapman; Martin A. Chee; Richard Compean; Patricia & Rod Liner, in memory of Daniel Terrill; Matthew J. Noonan; Anonymous, in memory of our parents; Christopher Pouls, in memory of Kathleen Pouls; Laurel P. Rest & Bill K. Kedem; Carl Spiegelberg; Becky & Joe Ursini

Friend ($50-$99): David G. Fink, in memory of Prisoners of Conscience; Kate Kirkhuff; Maxine Sattizahn

Fan ($1-$49): Anonymous, in honor of Saint Francis.

Additional donations: Beverly Byl; Susan Carter Charlton; The Creager-Egeter Family; Doulas by the Bay LLC; Linda & Robert Fries; Yvonne Guertin; Linda Harris, in honor of Amy Kelly, Maric Munn, and Family; Pamela S. Jue; Cynthia Kollerer, in memory of Richard Kollerer; Erminda Lucero, in honor of Susan Sugarman’s birthday; Don & Carol Markos; Alan Mayer; Kevin McTiernan; Daniel Miller; Nathan Naze, in honor of Rosalind Naze; Marilyn River; Dan Robinson; Ann Shaw; Victor & Mary Terraszas, in memory of our precious grandson Nicholas; Jerome Testo, in memory of John T. Murphy; Jennifer Tseng; Karl Weigl.

Anonymous donations in honor of: CYKW; Gene Lum; Arlyn Zones & Don Walker.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Roosevelt Chung; Zvi Deutsch; John Kraft; Kenneth Leland Lust; Mary L. Santos; Marilyn Vollmer.

Benefactor ($1,500-$1,999): Susan Carey.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Charlotte Scherman, in memory of Rolf G. Scherman; William Webster & Kimberly Ginther-Webster.

Supporter ($500-$999): Jurgen Aust; Claudia Cate & Branden Bickel; Kathy Kerridge; Cathy Kornblith, in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg; Linda McPharlin; Deborah Robbins, in memory of Edith Fried.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Sally R. Allen, in honor of my exercise pals at the JCC; Naomi Groeschel, in memory of Marion Isaacs; Kurt & Deborah Huysentruyt; Ladies & Knights of Rizal in SF; Mr. & Mrs. Olaf Siemers.

Booster ($150-$249): Cecilia Bertoldi, in memory of Thomas J. Bertoldi; Gail Bunker, in memory of Jim Bunker & Jack Guthrie; Eve Cheung; Annette Legallet; Maureen Rettig & John McVerry.

Contributor ($100-$149): Ellen Boyd, in memory of Evelyn Smith; Philip Catalfo & Michelle Lerager, in memory of Gabriel Catalfo (1983-1998); Claire Colvin; Charles L. Fritz; Lisa M. Kawahara, in memory of Evelyn Haas; Mary P. Krieg; Susan Ryan & Frank Gomez; Timothy & Robin Ryan; Judith Small, in memory of Ellen & Roger Small.

Friend ($50-$99): David G. Fink, in memory of my aunt Estelle Berman; David G. Fink, in memory of Sandy Hook 2012.

Fan ($1-$49): Gretchen De Limur; Anonymous, in memory of Mr. Woo Hom; Suman Patel, in memory of Kuverji & Bhikhi Patel; Martha Siegel; D. & C. Tomsovic, in memory of our parents.

Additional donations: Judy Aune; Fern Chin, in memory of the Cope Family; Sharon Enright; Ron Felzer; The Hamiltons, in memory of Florence Hawley; Arlene Hegarty; Virginia & Sigmund Herz; LocalTech, Inc.; Erminda Lucero, in honor of Donna Schempp’s birthday; Charles & Lindsey Shere, in memory of Agnes & Robert Remolif; Bonnie Siegel, in honor of Larissa Siegel and Rowan, Asher & Talia Solomon; Carol Sundell.

Anonymous donations in honor of: The 99%; Kingston Akers; Maeve & Abigail Akers; Myron Levy; My brother Michael (“ask Uncle Michael”).

Anonymous donations in memory of: Bob, Bessie, Em, Cathy and Bob; Anne & Jerry Goldberg; Leo Hughes; Richard Irvin; Frank & Elizabeth Jimenez; John Lindstrom; Nancy Vierra.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Alison T. Gray; Jan H. Lewis, in honor of John & Kim, Stephanie & Michael, and Jeffrey.

Supporter ($500-$999): Marianne Bowers; Carla Buchanan, in memory of Maxine & Charles Silberstein; Victoria Harris, in memory of Geoffrey Widenor; Dawn & Sandy Margolin Charitable Fund; Michael & Gloria Wilt.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Judge Auffinger, in memory of Susan Hershey; Donna Bousquet, in honor of San Francisco “My City”; Jeff Hopkins, in memory of Margaret Ragsdale & Marie Stone; Martin L. Jaspovice; Rick & Danielle Jones; Kevin & Kristine Kelleher, in memory of Raymond & Bernadette Kelleher; Anonymous, in honor of Jeanne Krause; Yasuko Nakamura, in memory of Phil Nakamura; Susan R. Steer, in memory of Frank Rusk, Sr.

Booster ($150-$249): Joe & Jane Gray, in honor of Napa and Sonoma Fire victims; Anonymous, in honor of Seth & Joey Noack.

Contributor ($100-$149): Leslie Borsuk; Ellen Boyd, in memory of Darinka Lenarcic; Arthur C. Dell; Anonymous, in honor of Elsie K. Johnson; Sue Larson; Veronica Martin, in memory of Ed Lee; Marita A. Mayer, in memory of Dorothy Mayer; Laurence W. Nagel; Anonymous, in honor of Rebecca and my parents; Thomasina Woida, in memory of Jack Woida.

Friend ($50-$99): Nancy Bissell, in honor of my grandchildren; David G. Fink, in memory of Christopher “Drew” Lewonen and Juan Guerrero (Orlando 2016); David G. Fink, in honor of the worldwide estimated 65 million refugees; David G. Fink, in honor of courageous journals and journalists; Junko Taniguchi & Izumi Murase, in memory of Kenji & Seiko Murase, grandparents; Faye Thibault.

Fan ($1-$49): Carol Dvora, in memory of Patti R. Roberts; Anonymous, in memory of Ben & Cecile Gordon and Molly & Is Goldberg; Robert & Sue Jardine, in memory of Frank & Angela Jardine; Suman Patel, in memory of Haribhai B. Patel.

Additional donations: Robert & Noreen Abbot and Youn Gee SooHoo, in memory of Darrick Toy; Pete & Sue Bowser; Elizabeth Flynn; Ross Garcia; James Lipovac; Lisa Ochs & Lea Salem; Pat Odden-Kaye; Pauline Hale, in memory of Peter & Mark; Steven Podesta; Edward M. Rodriguez, in memory of Rose Rodriguez; Jim & Jan Sugar, in memory of Aaron J. Sugar; Dennis Travers; Beverly Wilson Widney; Suzanne W. Zurinaga.

Anonymous donations in honor of: California Firefighters; Caitlin Tom; Jennifer & Ernie Tuttle.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Carol Binsfeld; John Roger Cartan; Myron Harband; Jim Kennedy; Armand Offel.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Anonymous, in honor of Barry S. Eisenberg; Sarah Eisenhardt, in memory of Walter A. Haas, Jr. & Evelyn Danzig Haas; Marc Manason; Doug & Dana Welsh; Anonymous, in memory of Edith & Franklyn Zimmerman and Ann Harrington.

Supporter ($500-$999): The Eckstein Family, in honor of Herb Caen; Judy Garvey & Larry Grimes; William & Kathryn Keller; Anonymous, in honor of John, Barrett and Catherine McCandless; Avery McGinn, in honor of Hillary Clinton and Lillie McGinn; Gretchen Nicholson, in memory of Elizabeth Estelle; Ginnie Padgett, in memory of Samuel E. Padgett; James Sawdy & Christine Stepan; Barbara Simon; Alice & Malcolm Talcott; Dave & Emily Wong; Richard & Christie Wu, in memory of Amy Wu.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Geoffrey Clarke; Will Haible; Richard Wood & Elizabeth Cain, in memory of John B. Sias.

Booster ($150-$249): Daniel & Susan Dan; Anonymous, in honor of Phil DiFilippo; Michael Gray & Eileen Murphy; David S. Reichmuth; Rosen-Rosner Family; Stacy Family, in memory of Mary Beth Grace Kelley; Nicole Walthall & Chick Markley.

Contributor ($100-$149): Anonymous, in memory of Herb Caen; Kris & Marty Cain; Natalie & David Cuttler; JoAnn Deasy; Dana & Michael Flynn; Nina Louise Frankel, in honor of Louise Frankel and in memory of James Frankel; Hilary L. Lamar; Anonymous, in memory of Margaret Bonatto Litton; Shauna Mertens Lobre, in memory of Noel & Patricia Mertens; Jerry & Gayle Moore; Joan & Gil Nordquist, in honor of Leane Nordquist; Beth Pollard; Elizabeth Smith.

Friend ($50-$99): Diane C. Carr; Susan Golden; Linda Wilford & Randall Ham.

Additional donations: Kristi Beale, in memory of John P. Beale, Jr. M.D.; Kathryn Bowsher; John W. Busby II, in memory of the John & Elizabeth T. Busby Family; Eugenie Chan & Martin Goyette, in memory of William Chan and Robert Goyette; Chu Family; Brian & Jill Coffman; Talie Cutler, in memory of Tim and Chris; Lisa Dungan; Scott D. Finder; Anne & Jeff Geddes, in memory of Pauline & Bill McGowan; Joan S. Johnson; John Keefe; M. Kono, in memory of Don Iwahashi; Karin Leipelt, in honor of Thomas W. Leipelt & Sons; Edward Louie; Robert Matthews & Laura Stock; Carol Pachl; Eileen Protz, in memory of Jil Finnegan; Hope Rugo & Martin Scott, in memory of Faith & Henry Rugo; Paula, Eli and Sarita Brinkley Svoboda, in memory of Doris Brinkley; John & Susan Thomas; Lisa & Bob Tuck; Emily von Scheven & Mark Shostak; Richard Weisgal, in memory of Cheryl Morris; Margaret Wesser, in memory of Lewis Driggers, Jr.

Anonymous donations in honor of: John Gardner; Ken Johnson & Thelma Moore; Kevin & Marylou Johnson; Mango.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Fern Cleghorn; Pat Kresge; Loren Linnard.

Benefactor ($1,500-$1,999): Sarah Eisenhardt, in honor of Betsy & Roy Eisenhardt; Leslie Henriques & Ray Riegert, in honor of fire victims in California.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Andrew & Nancy Carlson, in memory of Evan Carlson; Bill & Sue Rochester; Elizabeth Watkins.

Supporter ($500-$999): Sara Bartholomew; John & JoAnn Cahill, in honor of Lee & Bill Pennington and Mark & Betsy Bass; Anonymous, in memory of Frank & Elizabeth; Kay Lombardini & Anne Stafford; Anonymous, in memory of our mothers; Jill Neiman; Robert Skinner; John Theede; Richard & Christie Wu, in memory of Frank Wong.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Jeff Angermann; Kathleen Brown; Anonymous, in honor of Gregory Dominguez; Bernie & Julie Rose; Susan Highley Russell.

Booster ($150-$249): Francis Chin, in memory of my mom Boyngoo Chin, I will always love and miss you; Timothy Farrell; Bret Jonas; Anonymous, in memory of Harry & Sylvia Kornstein, Ida Kaye and Gordon Haig; Fred & Cayo Marschner, in memory of Kevin A. Marschner; Victoria Peet & Steven Zimmerman; Pixie Hayward Schickele; Paulette Gregg Schulte; Cynthia Travis.

Contributor ($100-$149): Milo & Henry Kagiwada; Carol Kent, in honor of Monica Stewart; Gary & Mely Lee; Anonymous, in memory of our loved ones; Steve & Judy Maiolini; Joe & Cheryl Milner; Joan & Gil Nordquist; L. Strong, in honor of Margie Bajurin; Anonymous, in honor of Jo Button Tait and Lynn Moody; Cameron & Evan Tana, in memory of our grandparents Pearl & William Cheng and Tomoe & Daisho Tana; Linda & Greg Urban; Barbara Wintrup, in memory of my mother Bea; A. N. Young, in memory of Barbara S. Young.

Friend ($50-$99): Frederic H. Duperrault, in memory of Jean & Lois Duperrault; Anonymous, in memory of Trinidad LaGarda; Nancy Ng & Tim Heth; Linda P. in Alameda; Joyce Small; Carmen Velazquez.

Additional donations: Sara M. Anderson; Chris & Judy Armstrong; Betty Carmack, in memory of Robert Fordham; Doug & Jackie Corley, in memory of Barbara Garono Corley; Anne & Gerard Fancovic, in memory of Mary Ruth Fancovic; Phyllis & Fabrice Florin, in honor of all those who fight for better lives for all of us; Vicki Friedberg; Matt Gerhardt; Norman & Susan Lee Gong, in memory of our parents; Whitney Gould, in memory of Harry E. Gould; Jerry Joseph, in memory of Lynn Wissler & Josh Millard; Richard Mitra; Shelley Moran & Adam Stock; Richard Olmstead & Evelyn Dykstra; Mary Randolph; Brian Roberts; Lisa Saunders.

Anonymous donations in honor of: Ron Fein, Sr. and Leo H. Riegler; Anna Ferri; Elizabeth Warren

Anonymous donations in memory of: Ellen Auyeung; Christina MaCuish Fraser Clark; Joanne D’Ambrosia; My grandparents; Donald Muentz; Julius Salzman; Mary Wilson; Victor Yoshida.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Anonymous, in memory of Betsy Boo; The Charles Piper Cost Foundation; Platt & Associates; Shaun Sharetg.

Supporter ($500-$999): Robert S. Adams; Chris & Dixie Anderson; Ned & Linda Congdon; Gary & Deborah Frank; Corinne McLain Hedrick; Mill Family, in memory of our parents; Mortensen, in honor of migrant workers; John & Ann Noll, in memory of Natalie Files & Viola Noll; Craig & Carole Paterson; Art & Carol Peterson; Krys & Randall Wulff, in memory of Lois Wulff and Geraldine Matlock.

Collaborator ($250-$499): James & Bruncelia Hynson; Chehie Songstad, in honor of Evelina Elwood; Gwen Davis Toso, in memory of Robert Toso.

Booster ($150-$249): Anonymous, in memory of Andres & Si Kahn Aluy; Robert Apfelzweig; David Demko, in memory of David Reader; Ed & Arlene Lang; Elizabeth & Ralph Morrison.

Contributor ($100-$149): Anonymous, in memory of Georgie Bourne; Catherine Chase; Patricia Faust, in memory of Candice Matteucci; Bill & Genesse Gentry, in memory of Lori Gentry; Paula Katz; Maria Nieri; Ann Organisciak; Anonymous, in memory of Donald M. Piehler; Connie K. Richardson; Marie Rongone & Mark Posth; Michael Small & Monika Zschaebitz, in memory of Laura Sample-Mattos; Edward Tanovitz; Sandra Westall.

Friend ($50-$99): Patricia Baldwin, in honor of all those in need; The Catapusan Family, in honor of Ellie Catapusan; Joan & Gil Nordquist, in honor of the Schaefer Family; Norman & Joyce Pacheco; Michelle & Douglas Schneider; Sandra Yagi.

Fan ($1-$49): AARP Chapter 2429.

Additional donations: Mikki Baer, in honor of domestic worker Dreamers; Varma Chanderraju; Rose Marie Ferrante, in memory of David Ferrante; Wendy Flapan; Lin & Mike Galliani-Baker, in memory of Delores; Nick & Sandy Javaras; Dr. & Mrs. James T. Krejci, in honor of Barbara E. Bear M. D.; Karin Leipelt, in honor of the John C. Leipelt, Jr. Family; Lynn & Roger Levy; Michael J. Liffmann, in honor of Al Heller; Laura McCrea; Suzanne O’Brien, in memory of Nadine Bauer; John & Nancy Pearl; Peregrino Family; Wiley Rankin; John & Deborah Rego; Susan Restani, in memory of Guido & Adele Restani; Dana & Steve Rieger; Toby Sherwood, in honor of Adah Bakalinsky; Anthony & Rosalie Spiteri, in memory of Lisa Lammers; Louise & Robert Ubaldi; Janice Wallace; Penelope Washbourn; Maureen Wetter.

Anonymous donations in honor of: Granny (Merry Christmas!); Clyde Thompson; Alice Trinkl.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Charlie Clemens; My husband, Mayo Kerson and my parents; Lynne Powell, who died in the Santa Rosa fire.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Stephen Gallion, in memory of Lilia Gallion; Tom & Jamie Geidt; Richard Gilardi; John C. Poh, Jr.; Prospect Farms, in memory of Harry Alkus Hilp; Elizabeth S. Reed; Anonymous, in memory of Jane P. Stuart.

Supporter ($500-$999): Charlie Bowen; Lucia & Scott Gilbertson, in memory of Antoinette & Owen Broyles; Dennis & Janet Govan; Dr. & Mrs. James T. Krejci, in honor of Dr. & Mrs. Donald Maruyama, Barbara E. Bear M.D. and Mr. & Mrs. Bill Mahaffey; Jeff & Kathy Lovold; Janet J. Lum-Moore, in memory of Gonwah Lum, Wing Lum, David E. Moore and Ed Lum; Lorie Rice, in honor of Beth Rice; Roger Severin & Carolyn Doggett; Anonymous, in memory of Marjorie & Susan Whitehead.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Candace Crockett & Theodore C. Kroeber; Shirley Dere, in memory of Dorothy & Gilbert Dere; Julie Mills & Larry McSpadden, in memory of Fred & Bernice Mills; Nathan & Nina Shoehalter, in memory of Adam; David J. Thomas.

Booster ($150-$249): Dean Dietrich, in memory of Mia Chaikin; Robin M. Kent.

Contributor ($100-$149): Anonymous, in memory of Frank Ajello, Jr.; Ron & Britta Derington, in memory of Evelyn Derington; Marylee LeDoux, in memory of Helen P. LeDoux; Jan LeGassick; Anonymous, in memory of Marilyn McKown and Jo Armstrong; Nadine Nakazawa; Caroline Pincus & Esther Landau; Karen Schoenberg; Olivia Reischling Thompson, in memory of Olivia Harris Reischling; Paul Yee.

Friend ($50-$99): Anonymous, in memory of Maggi Thomas.

Fan ($1-$49): Joan & Gil Nordquist, in honor of Ella Schaefer; Gail Peay & Michael Mackes, in honor of the Sonoma/Napa Co. Firefighters; Linda Rothfield.

Additional donations: Joyce & John Badertscher; Mikki Baer, in honor of Lisa & 1688 Staff; Nancy Bardoff; Robin Barnett; Marek & Fran Bozdech; Lewis H. Butler; Suzanne Cassidy; Tyler & Nancy Coon, in memory of William Hoem; Ted & LaVaughn Craig, in honor of Leonard Schreiber; Don & Libby Erickson; Amy F.; Carol & Bob Friedenberg; Deborah Gale; Michael Graham & Michelle Patterson; Laura Grogan; Judy & Gary Grossman, in memory of Hilbert Grossman; Kristina Holland; Laura Jacoby, in memory of Vera Mabel Fisher; Barbara Lyss, in memory of John Tiedemann; John & Heather Nolan; Diane Richards, in memory of Norm Richards; Pamela Roberts; Sylvia Saunders; Linda & Ron Simi, in honor of Helen & Horace Simi; Michael Smith, in memory of Virginia Smith; Delores Turner; Judith Wagner; Carmel Wilcox, in honor of the No. California Transplant Hub; Ann P. Wilson, in memory of my mother Florence Pulford; Lori Yamauchi & James Fagler.

Anonymous donations in honor of: Louise Paulish.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Olga Alpen; Malachi Burris; Herman Flynn; Dean Johnson; Margo Lungreen; Molly Simon.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): James Franicevich; Lamar Leland; Joe & Elizabeth Mandato; Kathy Ottesen & Howard Davis, in memory of Frances Jean Ottesen and Joseph Davis; Maria & Martin Quinn; Michele Stone, in memory of Frank & Yetta Hyman; Virginia Yee.

Supporter ($500-$999): The Bland and Walker Families; Mike Machado, in memory of Gordon Machado; Mark A. Monroy, in memory of Delores Monroy; George & Judy Proctor, in memory of Avi Abnora; James & Mary Anne Schuett; Cole & Sonia Smith.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Anonymous, in memory of Vincent Boreczky; Anonymous, in memory of Pat & Bud Garms; Robert Gorlin & Nancy Rabkin; Joan Marie Kloehn, in memory of Judi Kloehn Lopez; Jayne Walker & David Reid.

Booster ($150-$249): Paul Benoit & Constance Clifford; The Burton Family, in honor of Mike Burton; Robyn Jagust; Alexis A. Jakob; Mark Knox; Linda Stromberg; Kathleen Mary Wilson, in memory of Sean Halavais.

Contributor ($100-$149): Adriane A. Ahnstedt & Brandon Mercer; Barbara Boyd, in memory of Ivan & Louveto Boyd; Wilchie & Elmira Crump, in memory of our late parents; Madelyn Hodges; Gail Hudspeth; Anne & Steve Jones; James & Sally Lunn; Esther Moran, in memory of Jerry Moran; Sarah & Edward O’Reilly; Richard A. Woodman.

Friend ($50-$99): Karen Huff & Jim Fitch; Peter LaTorre, in memory of JoAnn LaTorre; Anonymous, in memory of Mary Underwood.

Fan ($1-$49): Bev Castro-Leon, in memory of Roman; Flora Jean Durrant; Joan & Gil Nordquist, in honor of Evan Schaefer; Dick & Sue Schmidt

Additional donations: Susan & Barry Baskin; Anne & Mike Boyder; Lynette Cayson & Byron Rouda; Jo Chinburg & Peg Schmitz; Harry Chuck & Linda Lee; Mary Virginia Clark; Larry Cordova; Jack Fong, in memory of Yok Wor Fong; Ian & Sandra Griffin; Stephen Hamano, in memory of my dad S. John Hamano; Marilyn Hertzberg; Mark & Janet Homrighausen; Sharon Hung; Glenn & Patti Itano, in memory of Edith Tanaka; Bob Kenney; Daniel Lewbin; Gregg & Keller Lustig; Elizabeth Marenco; Eric & Janice Nakaya Mart, in memory of Bob & Marilynn Mart; Richard Maxham; Nancy McKane, in memory of Doris & Walter Cooper; Emma & Mildred Hartter; Lynda Nguyen; Mary Pryor & Bronwyn West, in memory of Vaughan Hunt; Laurel Przybylski; Ken-Ichi & Hisako Sato, in memory of Hiromitsu “Hiro” Ogawa; Mary Lou Solecki & Tim Wendt; Linda & Russell Takei; Willmin & JoAnn Tang, in memory of Matthew C. Tang; Robert & Nessa Wilk, in memory of Brett Wilk; Holly & Bruce Williams.

Anonymous donations in honor of: Tina Mehan; Robert Ross and Diana Hunter-Bossart.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Carole and the folks.

Benefactor ($1,500-$1,999): Klaus & Ellen Porzig; Anonymous, in memory of Saye Yamashita.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Robert Feyer & Marsha Cohen, in memory of Joyce Tufts; William & Cynthia Gerber; Anne L. Grady; JoAnn Intili & Ed Kissam; Mark & Monika Lee.

Supporter ($500-$999): Bjorkman Family; Pamela Boyle & Mary Knight; Donna M. Cooper, in memory of Jack & Eva Cooper; Anonymous, in memory of John Covert; Carole L. Herman; William & Allison Medlin, in memory of James E. Medlin; Anonymous, in memory of Donna Howes Orchison, Eleanor Howes and Donna Howes; Terry Powell & Jim Topic; Anonymous, in memory of Alvin Spencer.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Warren & Judy Branzburg; Pierce Brownell; Jerome Burke, in memory of Gloria Burke; Anonymous, in memory of Jil Finnegan; Phil Maloney & Monica Steinisch; Owen P. Reid, Jr.

Booster ($150-$249): Francisco Colindres, in honor of Ally & Olivia Vargas; John Gilliland & Eric Pfeiffer; Carla Inouye & Michael Holmes; Patricia Kongsle; Salina Kwang, in memory of Dominic Chow; Michael Rom, in memory of Kerry Lise Rom; Patty Sue Stanton, in memory of George L. Stanton; Patrick & Marie-Claire Trown.

Contributor ($100-$149): Mary Bramblett; Jim & Nancy Connors; James Draper; Lisa Herder & Ed Hejlek; Carol High; Marjory Ingersoll; Karen Keegan, in memory of John Keegan; Nellie Martin-Giles, in honor of George & Cindy Martin Family; Michael & Pamela McKinstry; Anonymous, in memory of Meme; Bruce Miller Family, in memory of Christian Jensen; M. Moosa; John Mori & Adela Tan; Marjorie Murray; William Paff, in honor of Carrie Paff; Milton Perkins; Janet Schwartz, in memory of Jim Schwartz; Diana W. Singer; Douglas N. Smith & Nora B. Smith; Edward E. Steinforth; Steve & Sarah Taber.

Friend ($50-$99): Dimitri A. Dutoff; Sherri Nordwall, in memory of Jana Drakka; Susan Orvis; Michael Tad Tanaka.

Fan ($1-$49): David Wooley, in memory of Kay Berryhill Smith.

Additional donations: Dorothea Amesbury; Sandra & Gerald Charles; Drs. Linda & James Clever; Hallie Friedman; Annette Gardner & Charles Simons; Carolyn Hall; James Holmes; Dee Keb, in memory of Edwina Fenili; Stacy Month; Mike & Sharon Morris; Elisabeth Rutter, in memory of Sylvia Weber Rutter; Dr. Karen A. Schwarz, in memory of George & Bernice Schwarz; M. Senica & G. Baranowski, in memory of Sean Ambort; Su. Suttle & Lol Halsey, in memory of Ann Weiseltier; Edith Ullman & Bruce Gorden, in memory of Ann B. Ullman; Pearle Wilborn; Luis Wong, in memory of Juan & Pina Wong; Melba Yee.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Richard D. Owens & Cecile B. Owens.

Benefactor ($1,500-$1,999): Bob & Nancy Polsky.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Robert & Lisa Bates, in memory of Donna Baggett; Joe & Janell Ciatti, in memory of Joey Ciatti; Eamonn Keegan; Peter Martineau; Janet & Jim Richman, in memory of our parents.

Supporter ($500-$999): Will Beatty, in honor of my extended family; Al & Ardis Breslauer; Mary Henry & Richard Hood; The Hunter Family; The Kolish Bergin Family; Anonymous, in memory of Robert La Cosse; David & Mary Ramos; Robert Ristelhueber; Phil & DeAnn Spalding.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Baer Family, in memory of Jessica & Richard Persoff; Michael C. Creedman, in memory of Nina Creedman; Rick Goldsmith & Lauren Moreno; Richard B. Paul, in memory of my wonderful parents Barend & Agatha Paul; Maryly Snow.

Booster ($150-$249): Richard & Jody Williams; April Witherspoon, in memory of Sandra McDaniel.

Contributor ($100-$149): Howard M. Eisenstark; Cassandra & Don Giesen, in honor of Juana Maria Zermeno Rhine; Bettylee Moore, in memory of Mark A. Della Maggiora; Alice E. Rogoff, in memory of Gladys & Julian Rogoff; Dee-Dee & Yoel Sberlo, in honor of the bravery of women and the people’s resistance movement; Dick & Jackie Schneider; Allen Yee.

Friend ($50-$99): Moe & Gloria Cevallos; David G. Fink, in memory of my friend Christine Maggiore; Shirley Tepper LaMere; Anonymous, in memory of David & Lillian Lesser; Jojy Michael.

Fan ($1-$49): Anonymous, in honor of California fires survivors; Stewart Michie.

Additional donations: Arthur Barton; Brent & Lori Baxter, in memory of Alma Bru & William Caroni; Michael & Libby Benedict, in honor of Randy & Pat Getz; Carol Benson; Kate Burkart, in memory of Irving Koffer; Jack Coakley; Judith Cohen & Malcolm Gissen, in memory of Allan Grosh; Cynthia Cox; Golden Gate Australian Football League, in honor of Joe & Nadine Grech; Hannah, in memory of my Oma, Opa and Nai Nai; Susan & John Johnson; Joe Joyce; Jane & John Knox, in memory of Margery Anson; Barbara & Geoff Kotin; Richard & Marie-Paule Laden; Anne J. Laskey; Margaret Lewis, in memory of Mary Lewis, who taught me to give; Chris & Su-san Lichens, in memory of William & Mary Lichens; Kathy Loo & Larry Rozsnyai, in memory of Jean Rozsnyai; Rick & Leigh Malaspina, in memory of Flora & Louis Malaspina; Elaine McGee; Diana Meadow; Nathaniel Nealley, in memory of Mr. & Mrs. W. G. Nealley; Marilyn Nichols, in memory of Sam Jose Nichols; Sue Y. Park; Daryl A. Schilling; Liz Schwarte; The Sieling Family, in honor of Robert Sieling; Barbara Strong; Eric & Carolyn Svenson, in honor of Der Avedisian Family; Ron Zucker.

Anonymous donations in honor of: Jim Holtan; Pat Koren & Bob Siegel; The Nyden Family; Kevin O’Neill; Bob Stelzner.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Mr. Simon Ng and Mr. Hawkins Ng; Richard Saveri; Alexander Tribe.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Albers HOA Services; Patrick Daley & Dagmar Wedel; Jenkins Family; Jeanne Lacy; Wayne & Brenda Rodoni, in memory of Al & Ev Rodoni.

Supporter ($500-$999): Stephany Cavalier Houghton; Bertha McKinley & Daniel Schickele; Anonymous, in memory of Mary Sachiye Ota; Beth & Peter Rosenthal; Marilyn & Richard Skaff.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Stephen Chien; Ralph L. Crofton; The McLaughlin Family, in honor of my parents David & Audrey Levington; Native Sons of the Golden West – Twin Peaks Parlor #214, in memory of passed brothers; Beth Terra, in memory of Lucas Bueno; David Thornton; Steve & Clara Welch.

Booster ($150-$249): Thomas & Deborah Burns; Morgan & Charlie Butler; Robin Lim; The Medders Family; Anonymous, in honor of Raymond & Lucile Miles; Sylvia Saunders; Anonymous, in memory of Herb & Hazel Schulze.

Contributor ($100-$149): Charlotte Addington; Greg & Leah Chapnick; William Fobert, in memory of Dr. Donald DePoto; Alex & Jean Gansa, in memory of Charles Renfrew; John & Carole Garcia; Kathryn Hile, in honor of Dorothy Hile; Carl Jacobsen; William Lawler, in memory of Marie Lawler; Doris Long, in memory of my parents; Stanley Long, in memory of Carl H. Long; Jay & Leah Sofnas; Jack & DeeDee Stovel; Tova Wolking.

Friend ($50-$99): Roehl Cinco & Allison Tanner; Merle & Sandy Kovtun; Barbara Materna; Steven Meloan; Bob Wellenstein.

Fan ($1-$49): Gemma & Dave Grossi.

Additional donations: Eugene Alger; Maria Brandl; Hilde Carlson, in memory of Dad & Dana; Patricia H. Crafts, in memory of James F. Crafts, Jr.; Cathy Devito; Cathy R. Evans; Dorothy Harkavy; Ankita Kaulberg; Diane Lafranchi; Jim & Donna Lindsay; Kitty & Lincoln Mah; Karen Joy Melander, in honor of Kim Wirshing; Carol Porter; Spencer Rosen; Marisa Schaer; Karen Schein, in memory of Herbert Schein; Shirley Sun; Linda Underwood; Nadine & Brent Van Gunten; Lisa Vickery & Bud Proctor, in honor of Cathy & Brian Kane; Scott & Sally Worthge, in honor of Frank & Ingrid Jonas.

Anonymous donations in honor of: Tom Berg; Lou Borden; Brian, Lori and Steven; Brian Douglas & Jim Hodgkins; Roland & Lois Feller; Sue & John Garcia; Diane Wustrack.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Brother Bob; Daniel J. Carey, Sr.; Robert John Sieling, MD; Jack & Pi-lien Yeh.

Supporter ($500-$999): California Math Festival Program; Bill & Cris Crawford, in honor of Marcia, Ginger, Dave, Pam, Dirk, Sarah, Rick, Eric and Christina; Nancy B. Curran; Harold Devilbiss; Catherine Horngren, in memory of Joan & Charles Horngren; Ann & Jack Humphrey, in memory of Mai-Lynn; Leslie Barron Johnson, in memory of Charlene Barron; Chris Markell, in memory of Edward & Anne Markell; Terri Anne Merchant, in memory of Delores Sinclear Merchant Foley & L. W. Merchant; Patricia & Marc Strohlein, in honor of all those who volunteer.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Emily Goldfarb; Andrew Greenberg; Caro Grosvenor, in memory of John Grosvenor; Erwin Kelly.

Booster ($150-$249): Marilyn Bancel & Rik Myslewski, in memory of Edwin Mah Lee; Anonymous, in memory of Charles & Jean Barnes; Vin & Mari Coniglione; Terry & Steve Englehart; Linda Kehoe Goldstrom; Michael & Katie Malone; Krista & Gerard Terstiege, in memory of our parents; Michael & Raynor Voorhies; Kelly Williams.

Contributor ($100-$149): The Bob Brink Children, in memory of Robert Kenneth Brink; Susanne Campbell, in memory of Randy & Kurt Campbell; John Coleman, in memory of Ernie, Edna, Violet, Neil, Doug and Randy; Lila Collins & Darren Thorneycroft, in memory of O’Neil Ray Collins and Donald Thorneycroft; Finnegans Wake; John & Myra Grisso; John D. Hanson; Kathleen Karmendy; Helen Knudson; Scott Lancaster; Andrea Lopez; Kevin J. Martinez; Anonymous, in memory of Paul, Mike & Jimmy; Darla Radcliffe, in memory of Ben Hoskins; Anonymous, in honor of Jane Reed; Susan RoAne, in memory of Mayor Ed Lee; Linda J. Rockwell, in memory of my beloved husband Gregory J. Rockwell and my parents Barry & Jan Neufer; Kristy Roos-Taylor; Anonymous, in memory of Rose Sudnikoff; Irene Tekawa, in memory of Drew Tekawa & Seda Suzuki.

Friend ($50-$99): M. & N. Monterosso, in memory of Uncle Merv Fauss.

Additional donations: Caird Arbona; Elizabeth Bernhardt & Ted Swiecki, in honor of Arthur Bernhardt; Shelly, Peter and Sophia de vries; Mike & Suzie Dinicola; Gelfand Partners Architects; Laura Jacoby, in memory of Pamela Klein; Stephen & Ruth Kass; Paul & Jackie Kuckein; David & Patricia Lively; Marc Louderback; Roger Marsden & Susan Weiss, in honor of Vern Haddick and Paul Herman; Robert & Janice Parker; Jerry & Diana Robinson; L. & G. Romig; Priscilla Tom, in memory of my father Loy Tuck Tom and my brother Alan Tom; D. Valley, in honor of resisters; Jean Veit, in memory of Dee Yanni; Dorothy & Paul Wachter.

Anonymous donations in honor of: Jon & Rose Batzdorff; The John & Elizabeth T. Busby Family; Josh & Lisa Kearns; Marilyn Kennick; Leonard P. Larrabee, Jr.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Ernest & Josephine Cole; Tosca Donati; Evelyn & Walter Haas; Catherine Jackson; Jack Mailliard & Melvin Swig; Joe Monsor; Joseph Montoya and Guenter Sager; Emma Perasso Williams.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Patti & Ed Doherty; Keith & Peggy Fleming; Bambi & Ed Schwartz, in memory of our beloved daughter Victoria Schwartz; Richard & Mary Beth Warman, in memory of Dale & Mary Alice Warman.

Supporter ($500-$999): Natalie A. Forrest, in memory of Douglas G. Sprague; Gregg Lynn & Glenn Risso; Ray & Linda Minehan; Sharon & Russ Rettig; Gary Schoofs & Susan Bracker, in memory of Bea Cocciolone & Rino Diascenti.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Jonathan Chu; Frank DeRosa & Janice Roudebush; Anonymous, in memory of Barbara Jean Devencenzi; Jeff & Judy Greenhouse; Anonymous, in memory of Fred & Dorothy Higbee; Debra Newman, in honor of James, Syd, Natalie, Jim and Pat Godfrey; Anonymous, in memory of Jose Rodriguez, Jr.; Braelon & Taissa Tsang, in honor of LJ and NJ; Henry & Nina Wood.

Booster ($150-$249): Pam Catlett, in memory of Jeri Pierson; Lucy Cole; Dianne & Ben Fong-Torres, in memory of Mayor Ed Lee; Jo Haymond, in memory of Jay Haymond; Carole & Gene Meyers; Rod Weaver & Debbie Jernberg.

Contributor ($100-$149): The Arlas Family; Ellen Carroll; Christine Collins, in memory of Jeri Thomsen; Janet Dawson, in honor of my mother, Thelma Dawson; Larry & Charlene Ferderber; Jerry & Darleen Kennedy, in honor of the Kennedy & Lewkowitz Families; David & Nancy Kingsbury, in memory of Rodney M. Winfield; LJ Lewis, in memory of her mother Gloria Lewis; Ben McIntosh, in memory of my brother Steve; Anonymous, in memory of Fernando E. Ramirez; Ross R. Snow; Frank & Lorraine Valerio, in memory of Anthony M. Valerio.

Friend ($50-$99): Eleanor Cohen; Diana & Rustom Dubash; Goodfellow Publishers’ Reps, in memory of our founder James Laughrey; Barbara Tonningsen; Sara Winslow.

Fan ($1-$49): Margie Moffett.

Additional donations: The Advisory Group of San Francisco, LLC; Rami & Daphne Albert, in memory of Moshe Shweky; Isabella B., in memory of Jennifer McGlynn; B. Bonham, in memory of Douglas Bonham; Nell & Nelson Branco; Kathleen Carpenter, in memory of Capt. & Mrs. M. J. Carpenter; The Edwards Family, in memory of John Michael Branford Edwards; Diane & Joseph Ehrman III, in honor of the Eagle Scouts of Troop 14; Margaret Franssen; Lisa Fullam, in memory of Myrle Hoskiewicz; LaMarr & Mary Gibson, in honor of Ira Hirschfield & Thomas Hansen; Charlotte Hill; Paul & Suzanne Killion; Jen Kodner & Mark Goldberg; Miran Kwun; Mary Rees, in memory of my late husband Brian Hill; Patricia Regan, in memory of Darryl Regan; Jan & Jim Sugar, in honor of Kate Stepleton & Andrew Zahler; Susan Valeriote, in honor of my children; Rob Weiss; Hannah & Martin Wolf, in memory of Mayor Ed Lee; Susan Wolin & Ralph Protsik, in honor of all those who have helped and are helping fire victims; Hardy Wonson.

Anonymous donations in honor of: Oliver & Jenny Liu; Sue & John Garcia; Sharon Keeler; Kathy & Keith MacLaury; Frank & Sara Matyskiela; Kenn Van Cleve; Roxanne Woods.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Susan Carlson; Nanette Hough; My parents.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Ron Foote, in memory of Maryann Diluzio; Bill Hirsch & Betsy Crabtree, in honor of Ira Hirschfield & Tom Hansen; Robert & Jacqueline O’Donnell, in memory of Moira O’Donnell; Anonymous, in honor of Omi.

Supporter ($500-$999): Rosie & Jim Macho, in memory of Maeve, Phillip and Marianne O’Reilly.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Marcel Bigue; Jeff & Judy Greenhouse; Dave & Sandy Karpman, in honor of our three wonderful boys; Jim & Mary Jo Muyo, in memory of Eleanor Muyo; Anonymous, in memory of Amanda Overmyer; Michiko Shigaki & Tom Daly; Lori Zorr, in memory of James & Betty Christopher.

Booster ($150-$249): Myra Emanuel, in memory of Joyce Whitney; Karl Goldstein, in memory of Sara & Ernest Goldstein; Karen Michels, in honor of Frank & Marie Michels; Tom Nordenholz & Kristin Kelly; Becky & Don Petersen.

Contributor ($100-$149): Anonymous, in honor of Jackie Halloran; Joan Imbeau; Kazuo Maruoka, in memory of Dr. & Mrs. August Gauthier; Patricia F. Morgan, in memory of Henry & Caryl Morgan; Christine Paterson, in memory of Noryne Best; James & Alice Pilch; Gary Russler, in memory of Lois Russler; Mary Taylor, in memory of Edward Taylor; Peggy & Terry True; Rob Waxman, in memory of Allen Holdsworth; Gary V. West, in memory of Natalie Bravo.

Friend ($50-$99): Elizabeth Alexander, in memory of Ed Jaramillo; Stuart & Gale Appley, in memory of Cory Robin Appley; Ryan D. Halog, in honor of Clara & Alej Halog; Brenda Johe, in memory of Virginia Johe; Roger & Vicki Smith, in memory of Jack Kramer; Anonymous, in memory of Don Unruh.

Fan ($1-$49): Anonymous, in honor of Bradley Everett Cathcart; John Kohler, in memory of Henry & Velma Kohler.

Additional donations: Richard Abruzzo, in memory of Rick Stevens; Nancy Achorn; Betty & Don, in honor of Susan Roos; Lana & Elvin Chong, in memory of John Chan and Dr. Alfred Lee; Rubette Cowan; Doris A. Edwards; Wendy & Mark Fitch; Ragnhild Fougner, in memory of Annie K. Aagaard; Bernice Frucht, in memory of all my loved ones who are no longer with us; Carol R. Handelman; Andrew K. Hoppe, in memory of William Hoppe; Laura Jacoby, in memory of Darryl V. Dubin; Marty & Maria Johnson; Ted & Diana Jorgensen; Samantha Oryall; J. Philip; Glen & Peggy Seidel; Patryce Stout; Michael Taylor; Kevin Waldron, in memory of Wee Peggy Simpson; Robert Randy Wertz; Deborah & Steven Wolfe.

Anonymous donations in honor of: Chester A. Arthur; Ken & Lynn Baron; Patricia S. Dinner; Nancy Erb & Dick Kolbert; Carolyn Zecca Ferris; Our Global Mobility partners at The Gap; Brooke & Peter Jackson; Tom & Diane Levison; Frederick R. Margolin MD; Julia & Marc Zafferano.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Marie Beggs; Robert J. Hawthorne; June Ingersoll & Mary Gonzalez; Ara Jo; Dr. Elliot & Anne Schneider and Warren Seder; Wallace Willhard.

Benefactor ($1,500-$1,999): John & Reva Segall.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Anonymous, in memory of Pauline Bregante; Robert & Susan Crist; Barry & Ana Libby Taylor; Byron Wittlin, in memory of Linda Wittlin.

Supporter ($500-$999): John Chisholm, in honor of Joseph Chisholm; Mary T. Negi, in memory of Donald Negi; Anonymous, in memory of my mother, Bea Wheeler.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Mary & Roger Ashley; Rob Evans & Terry Micheau, in memory of our parents; Larry Grondahl; Elizabeth Horowitz; Brendan & Mary McLoughlin; Cathy Medich & Robert Horton; Nancy Murray, in memory of Esther & Mary Murray; Bill & Corey Poole; Eliel Redstone; Herbert Toy & Rita Yee; Isabel Wade, in memory of Isabelle & Edgar Wade.

Booster ($150-$249): Dickens Fellowship of San Francisco; Carole Livingston, in memory of Don Luchessa; Todd Trumbull.

Contributor ($100-$149): Bruce & Betty Alberts, in honor of California State Fire Fighters; Karen & Jack Ball; Ronda & Ross Barker, in memory of Cameron Fraser; Lance & Cathy Bayer; Harris Chin, in memory of James & Phillip Chin; Jack & Bunny Clemes, in memory of Harry Paine; Ann W. Cornell, in memory of Audra Weiser; Richard C. FitzGerald; Marsha & Bob Mayer, in memory of Bunny Gillespie; Mary Lou McGrath, in memory of Martha Jordan; George Shimizu & Mary Takai; Joyce Tarr.

Friend ($50-$99): Sam Chapman; Kevin Craig; Terry Hamilton, in memory of Joan Luke Hills; Leslie Handler; Brahna Stone; Nancy Thompson, in memory of Brad Sexton; Rhoda L. Wolfe; Mary Zelinka, in memory of Joseph & Robert Zelinka.

Fan ($1-$49): John Kerr, in memory of Sue Davis.

Additional donations: Demetria Adams; Bruce & Ellen Ahlbom; Meg Cupman, in honor of Ed Cupman; Lois de Banzie, in memory of Elizabeth Berryhill and Bob Cowell; Mike de la Rocha, in memory of my loving pop; Laura & Matt Griffis, in memory of Ray & Phyllis Melendez; Don & Caroline Kosovac; Henry & Carole Jan Lee, in memory of Mayor Ed Lee; Paisly Marechal, in memory of Sandy Cook; Karen Mueller; Nash-Resnick Family; Dave & Tamrin Rice; Diane & John Rice; Kathleen Rogers; Tom Ruge; Angelina Sauceda, in memory of A. M. & L. A. Sauceda; Carol R. Schloz; Deborah & Wen Bin Sullivan; Audrey & Justino Villar.

Anonymous donations in honor of: Aunt Judy Carter; Gloria Cuellar; Marian & Norbert Langer; Lenla & Barbara; My parents, James & Betty Precour.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Jack & Lorraine Aiken and Fred & Lora Meredith; Don & Leslei DeCarl; Bonnie Jean & Leonard Greenberg; Ed Lee; Kimberly Powell; Oliver & Margaret Rees; Rudy.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Anonymous, in memory of Alda, Guy, Dolores and James.

Supporter ($500-$999): Sudee & Richard Jacquot, in memory of Sebastien Jacquot and Pat & Phil Walden.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Gail Berger; Edward Gazzano, in honor of Robert Canacari; Jeff & Judy Greenhouse; Jeffrey Jones, in honor of my family; Brendan & Mary McLoughlin; Jim & Bonnie Nelson; Robert Nissenbaum; Elfriede Weideli; Daniel & Elizabeth White.

Booster ($150-$249): Jan Abrams, in memory of James J. Doherty; Amy Aiken; Katharine T. Brookes; Patricia L. Griffin, in honor of Mary Herman Armstrong; Anonymous, in memory of Anna & Mike Kostic; Joey Taylor, in memory of Fred & Ellen Krawiec.

Contributor ($100-$149): Art & Sheila Braufman; Maria, Brian, Dexter and Oliver Chew, in memory and in honor of John Orville Dempsey; Miranda Chu; Anonymous, in memory of Brenda Clark; Jake & Freya Fuchs, in memory of Chris Schaadt; Barbara Hodovan, in honor of Nonni; Nancy Hutcheon, in memory of Ian Hutcheon; Lynda & Robert Jacobsen; Ida One, in memory of Bob F. & Eva L. One; Debra Schlee & Michele Burwell; Anonymous, in memory of Lynne Ann Schreiber; Ethel & Herb Toda.

Friend ($50-$99): James Hurwitz, in memory of Samuel & Frances Hurwitz; Doris Long, in memory of my parents; Stanley Long, in memory of Carl H. Long; Kenneth E. Shockey, in memory of Lucille S. Herzo; Bruce L. Wodhams.

Fan ($1-$49): Anonymous, in honor of Denise Fleig; Gerri D. Smith, in memory of Vernando Rosborough.

Additional donations: Kathryn & George Barcos; Gene & Mina Burk; Celia Carrasco; Margaret Clayton, in memory of Charlotte Clayton; Mike de la Rocha, in honor of my loving mom; Bob Dean; Nancy Erb & Richard Kolbert, in honor of Kathy Anttila; Sandra Finney; Terese Hagerty; Charles & Zoe Hannah, in honor of Jim & Helen Cramer; Anne & Lorin Hill, in honor of Dale S. Hill; Erik Kaulberg; Melinda Kavanagh; Tammy & Ken Kolda; Terry Kraus; Wunan & Maggie Lin; John & Tara Linda; Ann W. Liuzza; Gail & Bucky Mace; Jim & Mary-Lou McDonald; Betty Rappaport, in honor of Peggy Dreyfus; Juan & Marilyn Richardson; Judy & Richard Robinson; Laurel Singer; Soto Family, in honor of Bob, Colleen and Elise Haas; Mark Sugarman; Diana Taylor & Jay Folberg; Jeanette Tom, in memory of Mary Tom; Joan Upshaw, in memory of Monte Upshaw; Don Williams, in memory of Duncan Williams; Marc & Julia Zafferano.

Anonymous donations in honor of: John & Sandra McGonigle and Jim & Michelle Leetham; Gerry Murphy; Alan Yasser.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Ruth Ann Armor; Many friends and relatives who have passed away; Helen Martin; All victims of gun violence 2017; Joel Wong Woo & Pansy Woo and Daniel & Linda Quan.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Peter & Elaine Bull; Anonymous, in memory of Michael Fleice; James & Jessica Fleming; Marvin Lundwall, in memory of Marthajo Lundwall; Paul Miller, in memory of my dad Richard Miller; Bruce & Bonnie Potter; Burt & Teresa Rosensweig; Melchior Thompson, in memory of Ed & Nita Thompson, R. H. Stinson, Sr., and Leslie Stinson; Cal & Mary Tilden.

Supporter ($500-$999): Alma & Greg Brown; Ralph & Denise Cooper, in memory of Glenn Cooper, Michael Harrington and Dennis Wurm; Karen & Steve Kostka; Marian Li, in memory of Bud Jones; Edwin Oyarzo; Noel Shumway, in memory of Janetta Shumway.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Charles Zetta Baker; Christopher Cherney & Natasha Bell; Jeff & Judy Greenhouse; Anonymous, in memory of John & Molly Kullman and Anne Hynes; Peter M. Lahti, in memory of Arnold & Henrietta Lahti; Mark Nornhold; Dirk & Patsi Schenkkan.

Booster ($150-$249): Mary & Jon Dale; Karna Nisewaner, in memory of Ken Whiting Nisewaner; J. Russell Stedman, in memory of Ken & Hazel Stedman; Mo Tam, in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Kwok-Chi Tam; Anonymous, in memory of Ben & Gony Yabut.

Contributor ($100-$149): Anonymous, in honor of Mary Abrahamsohn; Gail & Victor DeFries; Anonymous, in memory of Christopher Jedda; Johengen Family; Ernestine Moraga, in memory of my dearest daughter Melinda Moraga Aguiniga; N. J. Niemann; JoAnne M. Saxe, in memory of my father John R. Saxe, who deeply cared about community; Carolyn Seffens, in memory of my father Earl Gustafson; Lina Sumardy; Marianne Trevisan, in memory of Giancarlo Trevisan; Aleksandar Vuksanovic.

Friend ($50-$99): Ellen Calderone; David G. Fink, in memory of my mother, Helen S. Fink; Kathy & David Longacre, in honor of Lynne Zolli.

Fan ($1-$49): Walter Champion, Jr.; Darleen Dhillon; Michael Gliksohn, in honor of Jane Courant, Lilah Gliksohn and Demaris Hammond.

Additional donations: Jamerson & Virginia Allen; Nicolette Ausschnitt & Steve Krieg; Janet & Kenneth Bollier; Karen G. Bowyer, in memory of Tim Bowyer; S. Chao & H. Wong; PnK de la Rocha, in memory of Gilberto de la Rocha; Allen & Barbara Espenmiller, in memory of our parents; Michael & Toni Flaherty; Bill & Betty Hasler; Joan Jeffrey, in memory of Angelo (Mick) & Arline Micheletti; Tay Kern, in memory of EFKJR, KK and Paula; Pat & Dick Levenberg, in honor of the Levenberg grandchildren; Lillian Oliver; Paul & Nancy Reck; Susan Rutberg, in honor of Elizabeth St. Friends; Juyeon Song, in honor of Claude Heater; Janet Sovin; Mary Van Voorhees; S. Arlene Wagner; Kathi Walsh, in memory of Elizabeth Walsh; Susan Whitman & Mark Gergen; Pamela Williams; Martha Wise; Charmion Woolfe, in memory of Don Woolfe.

Anonymous donations in honor of: The Bassett Family; Mike & Stephanie Dorward.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Grace Campodonico; Brent Collins; Anna M. & Wesley F. Suman; David A. & James R. Trost.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Nancy & Henry Bourne; Claire Maria Campodonico, in memory of and in honor of my late son Billy Angelo Gavin; Fellom Family Fund LLC; Lisa Kakehashi; Pam & John McCosker, in memory of Evie Haas; Allen & Janet Parsley; Sophie & Igor Perisic; Michael Roman, in memory of Kathleen Roman; Anonymous, in memory of Darrick Jason Long Toy.

Supporter ($500-$999): Scott Fleming.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Joel Berger; Jean Coblentz; Annette Isaacson; Lauren T. Meyer, in memory of Patricia Falk Meyer; Georgia Walsworth.

Booster ($150-$249): Anonymous, in honor of Shirley Ailsworth; Robert & Esther Donovan, in memory of our son James; Anonymous, in memory of Tobe & Mark Harris; Karen Jacobson, in memory of Diane Ruth Intriligator Jacobson; Robert Riekman, in memory of Jon Toven.

Contributor ($100-$149): Rochelle Anixter, in memory of Harrison Anixter; Beulah Brown, in memory of DeRay Medford & Dra. Davis; Joan Brumage, in honor of Laura Brumage & Jaime Willett; Siu Ling Chen, in memory of Mayor Ed Lee; Patty Evans, in honor of Kelly Evans; Cameron Gregory; Cynthia Jones; Gloria Kaprielian; Anonymous, in honor of Marilyn Kennick; Anonymous, in honor of The Lord and in memory of Marie Duffy; Orla Sater, in memory of Sylvia Bertellotti; John Solomon, in memory of Karin Solomon; Paula Tuerk, in honor of First Responders.

Friend ($50-$99): Ruby Levin, in memory of my husband Stan Levin; Kathy & David Longacre, in honor of June Jobin; Jeannie Moore; Valerie Mountain.

Additional donations: Steven Bue, in memory of Bruce Barker; Gloria J. Burrell; Sandy Cavaglia, in memory of Mel & Mae Cavaglia; Margaret Chen & Clinton Young, in honor of The Eisenhardts; PnK de la Rocha, in honor of Mercedes de la Rocha; Andy & Judy DiPaolo; Vin Dunn & Judy Casey, in memory of John Scola; Joan Gordon; Harold Horowitz; Betsy & Paul Kohl, in honor of Cathy & Brian Kane; Kate McCormick, in memory of Harriet Meux; Steve & Jean McDonagh; Mary Lou Osur, in honor of Jennifer & Wally Douglas, Tyler and Cameron; Alicia & Peter Pond, in honor of Kandis Scott; Bill Rauch; Karen & Steven Ross; Iris Roth, in memory of Joey Roth; Vic Santana; Elizabeth Settel; Kristin Richman Sherwood and Family, in honor of Janet & Jim Richman and in memory of Bob & Doris Wilhelm, Tony & Claire Richman; C. Griffith Towle; Bill Van Niekerken; Robert & Anne Marie Willis, in memory of James Wherry Willis.

Anonymous donations in honor of: Lou Borden; Chris & Mike Landry; Susan, Thomas & Ana.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Pat & Madge Adams; Bill & Alice Andreason; John & Helen Gallagher; Donald M. Gilbeau; Frank James Gleason, brother of Gloria, David, Kathleen, Coralee and Michael; Prof. John Hetland; Brian F. King; Mayor Ed Lee; Wanda McCormac; Yoshiko Mori; Julio L. Rovai.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Paul L. Gruner; Anonymous, in memory of Ingrid Mutschler; Mrs. Michael San Felipe, in memory of Clemente Joseph San Felipe.

Supporter ($500-$999): Bill & Ana Eckert; Eugene & Barbara Henry, in memory of Jon Henry Kouba; Meg A. Kellogg; Jacqueline Kolm; Kathryn & Peter Muhs; Rhona & Harvey Weinstein, in memory of Hannah & Rabbi Michael Barenbaum.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Joseph L. Chavez; Charles & Joan Johnson, in memory of Darlene Donaldson; Edward Loehrer; Frank Shaul, in memory of Martha V. & Ray C. Shaul; Alan Smith; Kathy & Ken Vanstory; Conrado Vellve.

Booster ($150-$249): Mr. & Mrs. William C. Christensen; Pat & Pete Confer; Peter Gettner, in memory of Gary Brown, Realtor and Friend; Linda Guitron, in memory of Dorthey Harrelson; Conor & Laura Johnson; Susan Kelso, in memory of Bob & Helen Barnes; Elizabeth Nakahara, in memory of Peter M. Nakahara; Sam Swan & Sandra Ried.

Contributor ($100-$149): Marilyn Allen, in memory of Michelle Allen; Charles & Elfi Bakken; Paul & Deb Bloomberg, in honor of Miriam Bloomberg; Charles & Bonnie Borden; Constance Brown; Karen Dudley-Mulhair; Bill & Rita Dunlay; Stuart Gallion; Sandi Goldstein; Richard & Cheryl Jacobs, in memory of Barbara Endersbe; Anonymous, in memory of Mrs. Mary Lightfoot; Mary Anne McGuire-Hickey; Dale Minami & Ai Mori, Ellie and Lina Mori Minami; Naomi Puro, in memory of Carol Puro; Jerome Tulchin; John W. Wasserburger; Y. F. Wong; Paul & Jennifer Zemanek.

Friend ($50-$99): Patricia Bulloch, in memory of Richard Bulloch; Constance Chan, in memory of Fred Kucera; Joseph Frank III; Anonymous, in memory of Ron Kinton; Anonymous, in memory of Kathleen Ann Koentop; June Ann Ong, in memory of Dorothy L. Chan.

Fan ($1-$49): Gale K. Serin, in honor of Diane E. Biel.

Additional donations: Shirley Barger; JoAnn Biasotti & David Crowder; Carole Cohen; Sarah Cunniff & Richard Fernau; Neil & Julie Guiney, in memory of Rita Guiney; Adrienne Krug; Joe Legallet, in honor of Michelle Schwalm; Martha Leviant; Ardelle K. Levy; John McCarthy & Kathryn Barnhart; N. Naito & Family, in memory of Mits Naito; Pat Odden-Kaye; Esteban Oropeza; Mary T. Wolf; Diane & Karl Wustrack, in honor of Seth Spitzer.

Anonymous donations in honor of: California Fire victims; Steven & Gail Hart; Catherine & Richard Rabin; Douglas Tuck; Andrew Uccelli; Elaine & Paul West; Clarence Williams, John Nelson, Nancy Andrews, and Sid Johnston.

Anonymous donations in memory of: My Husband; Vicki Idiart; Quincy Jones; Mani Vatan.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Ray & Joan Burgarella; John Drum; Mark Jacobson; John & Peggy Lo.

Supporter ($500-$999): Gordon Choy & Ying Hua Guo; Anonymous, in memory of Peter Fitzgerald; Randall Goetzl; Rafael R. Herrera; Marjorie Heumann; Helen Kirkwood; Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Ludgus; Norman & Gladys Sanguinetti; Pat Wipf.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Eunice Chee; Dennis & Linda Holl, in memory of Stephen Holl and Timothy Holl; Judy Janec, in memory of Irving & Gloria Schlossberg; Leah & Ben Vance; Carol Wilkins & Bill Savidge.

Booster ($150-$249): Tom & Carole Bridgman, in memory of Carol Heiber; Katherine & Paul Dietrich; Elizabeth F. Massie; Anonymous, in honor of Susan Rosenberg; Lorin, Barry & Cary Schneider, in honor of those in need and those of goodwill

Contributor ($100-$149): Diana & Wesley Braa, in memory of my deceased parents; Robert & Kathleen Butler, in memory of Steve Burch; Nancy & Serge Colombeau; Anonymous, in memory of Wayman Q. Fong; Mary Geong; Jackie & Nik Grant, in memory of Jackie Grant; Barry & Eva Jan, in memory of Rose, Ethel, Vance and Myron; Linda Lazzeretti, in memory of Gary Knox; Maura Healy Mana; Anonymous, in memory of John S. E. Maney, Jr.; Anonymous, in memory of Flo & Ed Mello and Dick Odgers; Linda & Nadesan Permaul, in honor of Kiran Permaul; Ken & Sue Taylor; Richard & Shirley Yee.

Friend ($50-$99): Roger & Zoe Hill; Adrienne Jonas, in memory of Walter Haas, Jr.; Elaine La Fleur, in memory of Peggy Rehm; Karen Lawrence; Mike Shea.

Fan ($1-$49): Stuart Waldman, in memory of Thomas Brzozowski.

Additional donations: Amy Abern, in memory of Jean Sheriff; Denise & Andy Algire; Rose Arbanas; Rick Artis & Vivien Williamson, in memory of Robert Prowse; Shiva & Brad Berman, in honor of Tom Hansen & Ira Hirschfield; Morgan Brewster & Amy Gao, in honor of Marshal & Lolita Brewster; Theresa Breyer; Patti Cooley-Wetzel; Dr. & Mrs. Owen L. Daniels, in memory of Dr. & Mrs. Oscar L. Daniels, Sr.; Jim & DeAnne Dill; Laurie Dornbrand & Bernard Lo; Jesse & Allison Eisenhardt, in memory of Walter A. Haas, Jr., Evelyn Haas and Peter E. Haas; Paul Fogel & Yvette Chalom, in memory of Steve Hillman; Lee Greenholtz; Shirley LaMere; Joan Ludlam; Judi & Jim Nishimine; Edward & Linda Perricone; Mary Roberts, in memory of Michael Herschend; Katherine Ticci; Mary Vezie, in memory of Lawrence Bull; Barbara Wezelman, in memory of Harold Epstein.

Anonymous donations in honor of: Cynthia & Igor Abramov; Itas de la Rocha; Richard Houle; Donna Kuehne; Cleotha Wyatt Chatman Wave.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Babe Falco Allen; Inez Conner; Charles Scism; Jeanne Tanner; My sister, Susan M. Way.

Benefactor ($1,500-$1,999): Colin & Julie Savage.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Christa Burgoyne; Phoebe Cowles, in memory of Joel E. Ferris; Bob Miller & Deborah Hernas.

Supporter ($500-$999): Robert Castle, in memory of Deborah Beck Castle; Erica Hansen; Flora Kissner; Mary Louise Nelson; Philip H. Ouyang, in memory of Leslie & Bessie Ouyang.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Marnix Dillenius, in memory of Felicia Dillenius; Richard Fallon, in memory of Bill & Evelyn Fallon; Peggy Kwun; Roberta & Spencer Michels, in memory of Henry & Rose Levin; Michael & Simone Moultak; Anonymous, in honor of our grandchildren Paul, Natalie, Will and Ellie.

Booster ($150-$249): Anonymous, in memory of Richard Farrell; James McGrath; Miki & Larry, in memory of Susie; Gary Rienzo; Mary Widenor.

Contributor ($100-$149): Steve Barbour, in memory of Doug; Irene Elmer, in memory of Elizabeth G. Elmer; Elizabeth Fowler, in memory of my father Glenn Albert and brothers Albert and Glen Weaver; William Franchini; Louise R. Gentry; Carolyn Hamilton; Jerry & Debbie Jimenez; Mimi Lee, in memory of Arnold Lee; Gary MacGregor, in memory of Malcolm MacGregor; George R. McConnell, in memory of Dorothy E. & George W. McConnell; Alan Mills, in memory of Naomi Mills/Garb; Carolyn Sanders; Anonymous, in memory of my dear Aunt Sarah; Tom & Jane White.

Friend ($50-$99): David G. Fink, in memory of my nephew, Daniel J. Way.

Fan ($1-$49): Karolyn Dreyer, in memory of Rebecca Ann Shirley.

Additional donations: Miriam Alper; Dan Bass & Kathy McBride; Burt & Sherry Berenstein; Karen Birks; Stephanie Brown; Stockton M. Buck; Susan Bumps, Michael Cronin and Alex Cronin; Jack & Leatrice Burstein; Circa of America; Daniel E. Cohn & Lynn Brinton; Mary Lou Cooper, in honor of my daughters; Esther Dolowich, in memory of Sol & Flora Dolowich; Michele Garside; Irene Jhin-Jaffe, in memory of Helen Jhin; Korustan Family; Marita Leth; Jack Morocco, in memory of Tree Morocco; P. & G. Nacamuli; Randy Sue Pollock; Jeanette Prato; Mary Robinson; Marie Rosenblatt; Philip Rosenthal & Candace Swimmer; Bruce & Sally Ross; Ellen Stephens; Robert Stern; J. Curtiss Taylor; Michael & Jan Tolmasoff; Suzanne Tucker, in honor of Gladys Tucker; R. Weil; Bill & Theresa Wilka.

Anonymous donations in honor of: UC Health.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Matthew Bowden; Leander & Joan Conboy; Bobbie Hess; Helen Wong Low; Joseph & Arlene Passalacqua; Dr. Robert Pavy; Mr. & Mrs. Y. C. Woo.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Tony & Shirley Abbott; Patricia V. Angell, in memory of Gene Angell; Tim & Suzanne Leonoudakis Fund; Richard & Judith Stoyko, in memory of Jeanne M. Stoyko; John & Susie Wiser, in memory of Mary & John Wiser.

Supporter ($500-$999): Barrett Baumgartner, in memory of Dale & Virginia Baumgartner; William & Alison Boeckmann; Carl Nordling.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Homer & Virginia Boushey; Dorothy Major, in memory of Alton E. Major, husband and Nicholas Arnold, grandson; Ellen Matthews Turiel; Howard & Judie Wexler.

Booster ($150-$249): Elna Adams; Laurie Freeman, in memory of Tony Lehman; Anonymous, in memory of Peggy Hill; Anonymous, in memory of Agnes Theriault.

Contributor ($100-$149): Nathalie & Glen Berwick, in memory of Richard Watts; J. A. Bickers, in memory of my parents; Marion Brackett; Anonymous, in honor of Alasdair Donn, Joe Donn and Ruth Dresman; Anonymous, in memory of Kevin Ellsworth; Anonymous, in memory of John & Hazel Garcia; Sylvia Gustis; Frank Harris; Dave & Jolene Jordan, in memory of Martha Jordan; Joellen & Peter Lippett; Vicki Martinson; Patricia McCarthy, in memory of James F. McCarthy; George & Jane Rush; Peter J. Shaw; Willis Sparks; Martin VonDurante, in memory of Loretta Durante; Robert Wellins & Sherry Rolley.

Friend ($50-$99): Nan Cusulos; Matte Gray; Richard & Ellen Green, in memory of Ken Nisewaner; Lydia Mendoza; Anonymous, in honor of Sue Shiffer; Geza & Amanda Szakats.

Fan ($1-$49): Ray & Susan Molinari, in memory of Richard Roth.

Additional donations: Carla Anders; Pamela Bell, in memory of Roger Kolda; Theresa Beltran; Borsuk Family; Paul & Jan Chaffee; J. B. & Pearl Cutsinger, in memory of our parents; Itas de la Rocha, in memory of Gib de la Rocha; Linda Edelstein & Marion Gillen; Judy Eng, in memory of Harry & Christina Eng; Marjorie Ann Gelus; Jay Gorud & Jan Howland, in honor of Christopher Gorud; Kristin & Stephen Kozinchik; Darlene & Ken Lem; Claudia Lesnick; Eileen Mazer, in honor of Mr. & Mrs. James F. Cathey; Kathleen McCarter, in memory of Janice Kjelstrom; Jeanne Milligan; Elizabeth & Ronald Owens, in memory of Monica & Stanley Lowenstein and Sophie Heimberger; George & Katie Putnam; Coleen Ricksen; Robert Thoma; Carol Vistness.

Anonymous donations in honor of: All whom this country has forgotten; Friends and Clients of Costa Brown Architecture; Bev & Jack Immendorf; Sylvia Stein; Erin Zavala & Family.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Penney Farmer; Jerry, Gerrie & Jeff Gaines and Kimberly Gaines Palmer; Morrie & Annelte Heifetz and Lorraine & Leslie Jordan; Lanore Marker; Abraham & Regina Nebenzahl and George & Elizabeth Jacobs; Sol Postyn; Annette Spolter and J. Arthur Graham; Bill Wright.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Suzanne Bria & Ted Temple, in honor of our families; Clyde & Janet Ostler, in honor of my beloved mother, Aurita Coates; Tod Racine; Kathleen Williams.

Supporter ($500-$999): Eric Beelar; Jack Jewell; Anonymous, in memory of Margaret & Con McCauley; Anonymous, in memory of Junie Pose, Manh Luu and Thoi Nguyen.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Arjun & Merete Aiyer, in memory of Aaron Lutzky; Randie Bencanann & Bobby Baron; Byers-Straus Family, in memory of Alfred & Gertrude Straus; Peter & Diane DeMartini, in memory of the DeMartini & Terragno Families; Patricia Edgar, in memory of Brenda Oliver; Michael & Sharon Kelly, in memory of our parents, Tom & Kay O’Brien and Clarence & Ann Kelly; Peter & Diane Kretschmer; Molley & Richard Lowry; Pat McCormick, in honor of Sinead, Roisin & Eamon McLoughlin; Mathew Mitchell; Steven & Sally Schroeder; Anonymous, in honor of Springsteen at Winterland; Forest Weld.

Booster ($150-$249): Alice Chan & John Wood; Alex & Vicki DeMasi; Katherine Moore & Russell Moore Jr.; Karen Siou & Marc Zeppetello.

Contributor ($100-$149): Julanne & Robert Crockett; Terrence & Ella Ray Deacon; Roger Fellnagel; Laura Grad & RJ Berg; Barry Graynor; Julie Kanter; Daniel Kleiber; Herbert Mager; Ray Mark; Carmen E. McTiernan; S. Randolph Post; Barbara & John Quinn; Anonymous, in memory of Natalie Slivka; Deborah Soule, in honor of Martin & Emilie; Homer Teng.

Friend ($50-$99): Joanne Bellan, in memory of Karen Stark, Ph.D.; David G. Fink, in memory of my grandmother, Annie Levathal White; Larry Hirsch; Barbara Loften.

Fan ($1-$49): Michael & Julie Lushington; Ray & Susan Molinari, in memory of Olympia Roth; Susan Prion, in honor of Mathew T. Mitchell.

Additional donations: David Bardoff; Marta & Greg Bayol; Dolores E. Byers; Larry Conrad; Linda Drake; Beth Yarnelle Edwards; Howard Finkle, in memory of Dr. Walter Stullman; Christine & Charles Gehring; C. Goodrich, in memory of Frances; Gene & Patrice Hambelton; June Jobin, in honor of Katherine & David Longacre; Diane & AJ Kallet, in honor of Ira Hirschfield & Tom Hansen; John Macchi; Chris & Suzanne McKee; Francis & Anne Noziglia, in memory of Lucille Noziglia; Ronald & Elizabeth Owens, in memory of Elizabeth & Max Naylor; Lynda Taylor Romero in memory of Meribeth Taylor Cummings; Michael Romero; Matt & Marion Snyderman; Geraldine Souzis, in memory of Mary Hegwood; Bonnie Swift, in memory of James Langbehn; Tim & Karyn.

Anonymous donations in honor of: Vida Greene.

Anonymous donations in memory of: My mother Ruth C. Bowen; Eugene Caradeuc; Mrs. Audrey M. Chen; Jeanne McCormick and Barney Boyd; Doug Urbanick.

Benefactor ($1,500-$1,999): Amy Mortensen & David Kohlmeister, in memory of Joan & Alan Mortensen.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Maria Dichov, in memory of my parents.

Supporter ($500-$999): James R. Kaspar; Priscilla Robertson, in memory of Donald Robertson; Gary & Kitty Woodworth.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Tom & Brenda Carlson; Anonymous, in memory of Robert E. Eaton; Carolee Houser; Bill & Beth Krumbein; Anonymous, in memory of Ruth Luckritz; Donald & Joan Mastronarde; Jim Twomey; Jacquelyn F. Walton; Mark Whatley & Danuta Zaroda.

Booster ($150-$249): Cynthia Gregory; Joan Hall, in memory of Will Hall; Julie Milian; Joe Palomba; Kevin Ryan, in memory of Frank J. Ryan and Michael T. Ryan.

Contributor ($100-$149): Ronald Bogin, in memory of Herman & Cristina Bogin; Anonymous, in memory of Eugene Caradeuc; Katherine Castro & David Kallinger; Anonymous, in memory of Thomas Chandler; Douglas & Eileen Gerstein; David Gilliam; Jane Goldman, in honor of Katie Goldman Macdonald; Linda H. Grant, in memory of Marge & Carl Grant; Joseph & Joan Humphreys; Michael & Susie Jones; Marla Knight, in memory of Nora Lindahl; Barbara & David Kristof, in memory of Robert & Margaret Wieties; Bruce & Mona Lesa Loke, in memory of Alice Loke; William B. MacColl, Jr., in memory of Stephanie MacColl; Anonymous, in memory of Barbara K. Mizuno; Gary M. Murphy, in honor and in memory of Mr. & Mrs. John F. Murphy; Ulla Pironi, in memory of Charlie; David Shragai, in memory of my parents Gershon & Penina Shagai; Marilyn & William Sugar.

Friend ($50-$99): Jacqueline Buckley, in memory of James Sheahan; Patricia Bulloch, in memory of Christopher Bulloch; Isabella Crowell; Bettina Eichel; Johnnie Johnson Hafernik, in memory of Clara Ellen Dudley Johnson; Susan “Nasus” Hansen; Fran & David Strykowski.

Fan ($1-$49): Maria Meyer; Ray & Susan Molinari, in memory of Aldo Molinari; Andrew Radin, in memory of victims in the wine country fire.

Additional donations: Lawrence Badiner & Janice Polizzi; Margaret Beernick-Badger; Wendy Collins; Karen Devaney; Diane Giltner; Robert & Mary Hale; Ira Hirschfield & Tom Hansen, in honor of Leonard Stevens; Glen Jett & Christopher Corcoran; Mary Makinney, in memory of my beautiful mother Dixie Raggio; Roy Matthes; Dennis & Barbara Musante; Melanie Peña, in memory of my brother, Richard E. Peña; Anne Porter-Roth, in honor of Iris Roth; Carol & Lawrence Ratner; Lynda Taylor Romero & Meribeth Taylor Cummings; James Sturdevant & Therese Lawless; Doug Swartzendruber; Michael Tom; Laura Truffaut; The Whitson Family, in honor of Shannon & Bill Cook.

Anonymous donations in honor of: Cary Shaw.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Mr. & Mrs. G. Barbiere; My father Arthur S. Fraumeni; Kim; Betty Salvo; Nielsen Tam; Phil Thibedeau

Benefactor ($1,500-$1,999): Stephen Gerard & Trudy Lionel.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Alan Crockett; Brigitte Cullen, in memory of Virginia Sickly; Julia Falk, in memory of my Husband Peter Falk; Susan Taylor & Bob Fabri.

Supporter ($500-$999): Robert Anderson & Judith Laird-Anderson, in memory of Olwen Anderson and Marvin & Lenora Welliver; Joan Ferguson & Craig Uhrich; Janet & Harry Leonard, in memory of Mary Leonard; Thomas B. Saterlee; Gary Silberstein, in memory of Charles & Maxine Silberstein; Karen & Ross Simkover, in honor of Grace Aikawa; Patricia Unterman & Tim Savinar.

Collaborator ($250-$499): David English, in memory of Mark Robert Harris; Ellen Hauptli & Eric Hayashi; Bernice & Jerry Kendall, in honor of No Bay Fire Victims; Janet Knipe & Sheryl Fullerton; Blanche Korfmacher; Charles Levine; The Roberts Family; Henry Romero, in memory of Miguel & Vicenta Romero; Marcia & Murray Schneider; Roger & Polly Siebert; Clifford A. Skinner; Tom Sturm.

Booster ($150-$249): Geri Degen & Richard Nosek, in memory of Rochelle & Sidney Degen; Phil Duden; Judy Paraventi, in memory of Paul Paraventi; Robert & Naomi Stamper.

Contributor ($100-$149): Susana Conde & Einar Enevoldson; Carolyn S. Conner; Karen & David Keefer; Harry & Caroline Lieberman, in memory of Julia M. Anderson; Dave Massen; Anonymous, in memory of Bob Pierce; Rod & Sue Schweiger; Jack Zakarian.

Friend ($50-$99): Peter Logan, in memory of George Moscone; Halina Marcinkowski; Anonymous, in memory of Stephen K. McGaffey; Patricia Ellen Moyes; Susan Shand, in memory of Loren & Eva Barker; Elizabeth Stern, in memory of Renee Antal.

Fan ($1-$49): Joan Sperans, in honor of Jordan Rhorer.

Additional donations: Teresa Albro, in memory of Ronald B. Albro; Joan Beavin; Claudia Blakeslee; Nancy Chan; Roy & Betsy Eisenhardt, in honor of Roy & Mitas Cuenca; Suzanne N. Eyre; Christopher-Helen Hadley-Bersie; Ira Hirschfield & Tom Hansen, in honor of Lynda & Richard Greene; Robert & Carolyn Karis; Lotti LeBaron, in memory of Robert LeBaron; Carolyn R. Lemon; Nancy & Michael Mascioli, in memory of our loving mother Lucy Mascioli; Janice Perez; Prime Family, in memory of Ralph R. Prime; Jon & Evelyn Rantzman, in memory of Harry & Sally Rantzman; Christal & Joe Rickson; Carol Robinson; Natosha Safo; Elena Sheehan; Lorna & Cris Strotz; John Swinnerton & Heather Alexander; Karen Tretten, in memory of James K. Finch.

Anonymous donations in honor of: Carola & Arne Bruflat; Adel Cortez; Heather Knight.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Orda & Stanley Bomba; Joseph L. & Mary Brown; Pamela Colnett; Marge & Ken Cook; Nancy Hall; Sue Alyce Turner; Clara Wentz.

Benefactor ($1,500-$1,999): Anonymous, in memory of Virginia D. Feranchak.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Charles Cushner; Hollis Harris.

Supporter ($500-$999): Anonymous, in memory of June Brevdy; LaSan Family; Roland & Becky Lazzarotto; Charlotte McCaffrey; Marisa Ong; Ed Russell & Candice Gold; Paul Valsveld; Nancy Webb, in memory of Koala; Randall & Sharon Young, in memory of Chip & Mickey Imai and Rob & Dolly Young.

Collaborator ($250-$499): James Davidson & Linda DeMichiel; Mark & Alicia Golembiewski, in memory of Cassie Golembiewski and Josephine Garate; Dian Grueneich & Steve Passek; Patricia Higa & Vaughn Kilgore; Simone & Kelly; Mei Lie Wong.

Booster ($150-$249): Elena Anaya; Brad & Karen Hart, in memory of Ward Hart and James Elam; Judith Laird-Anderson, in honor of Michael Laird; Stephen Lubeck; Martha Ramey; Marcia Settel & David Gilson.

Contributor ($100-$149): Anonymous, in honor of The Bronx Fund; Lynne Dempsey; Diane G. Dibble, in memory of my mother Mary G. Dibble; R.I.C.E. Fong; Rose Holmes; Sheila Jordan; Carol Laidlaw, in memory of Mildred Kukich; Tina N. Martin; Elsa Pulido; Anonymous, in memory of Clorinda M. Riccomi; Sally Rosenman, in memory of family and friends who have passed away; Kirsten A. Schwartz, in memory of my dad Craig Anderson; Christine & William Silver; Carolyn Tom & Encarnacion Matta, Jr., in memory of Lyndon S. Tom.

Friend ($50-$99): Mary Gardner; Polly C. Lee; Anonymous, in honor of Denise McDonnell; Anne & Steven Werth; Chuck Wexler.

Fan ($1-$49): Anonymous, in memory of Felicisimo Hereso; Anonymous, in honor of the St. Francis Homelessness Challenge.

Additional donations: Allan & Marilyn Bernstein; Elaine Binger; Sara Budhdev, in memory of Ali Khan; Leslie Cucuel, in memory of Arlene & JP Cucuel; Jean Doble; Roy & Betsy Eisenhardt, in honor of Pam David; Julie Freestone; Sheldon & Judy Greene; Rosalind Harper; Steven Hibshman; Ira Hirschfield & Tom Hansen, in honor of Ralph & Donna Briskin; Susan Hoffman; Sally Howlett; Diane Keaton, in memory of David Scott; Susan Kegeles & Jeff Lazarus; Clayton Kirchhoff; Ann Kuchins, in memory of Coralia C. Kuchins; Debbie Lee; Darcy Lichter; Karen Long; Karen & Tom Marx, in honor of Muriel Ray; Toni Mayer & Alan Lazere; Charlotte McMinn; Jody Reiss; Anne Simons, in memory of Eugene Simons; The Stuart Family, in memory of Bruce Packard; Megan & Bill Walton, in honor of Sis Bliss Knowles, Bill & Dot Walton; Mike & Sheila Weston, in honor of the YaYas; Julie Wilton & Harry Shulman; Anne & Daniel Yanow, in honor of the Yanow Family.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Sally Landis & Mike White, in memory of Lois Hirschfield; Farhad Merchant; Jeffrey & Sharon Roe; Jeremy Stone and Lucy & Hudson Matz, in honor of my mother Marguerite Cullman; Joseph C. Waxman & Susan M. Goldsmith.

Supporter ($500-$999): Deborah L. Churchill; Field Paoli Architects; Anonymous, in memory of Edward & Priscilla Fong; Gale Hylton, MD; Adair Lara & Bill LeBlond; Kenneth Miu; Cristina Morgan, in memory of Steve Bergren; James & Deborah Snyder.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Cristina Campbell & Tim DeWolf; Susan Forsythe; David Latulippe; Arlene & Jonathan Noble; Weaver Schlenger LLP; Linda Wertheim, in memory of George Wertheim.

Booster ($150-$249): Gernot Brandl; Elena Dillon & Tammy Damon; The Pollard Family; William & Janet Schumann, in memory of Henry & June Schumann; Stephen Sperber & Roberta Silverstein, in memory of Anita Silverstein and Reuben Sperber; Michael Wenz, in memory of Martin & Margret Wenz.

Contributor ($100-$149): Jan Andreasen & Gail Whitaker, in memory of Marlyss Andreasen and Josephine Whitaker; Marshal & Lolita Brewster, in honor of Ashley & Ben; Gary & Lynne Cutlip, in memory of the many victims of the North Bay Fires; Kevin Grimes; Barb & Carl Jacobson; Baker Moorefield Junghans; Scott & Kathy Law; Daniel Liberthson, in memory of Abraham & Eva Liberthson; Steve & Sandy Moore; Karol Parber; Deborah Peterson, in memory of Carol Baumann; Mark Sommers; Anonymous, in memory of those who died in the recent wildfires; Carolyn Tom, in memory of Encarnacion Matta, Jr.; Donna & Jack Walton; Wendy & Gary Wong.

Friend ($50-$99): Laura I. Ducoff, in memory of Rose H. Ducoff; Marian Hannaford, in honor of Terrie, Joy, Andrea, and Graham; Kathy O’Brien, in memory of Zoe & Bill.

Fan ($1-$49): Joe & Lisa Wyman.

Additional donations: Adele & David, in honor of Mona & Win Jew; Paul D. Bacon, in honor of Beverly Bacon; Susan & Alan Badger; Elaine Baldwin; Peter Cook, in honor of Ron Wong; Dr. Kay D. Debs, in memory of Jerome H. Debs; Roy & Betsy Eisenhardt, in honor of Cal Zecca Ferris & Timothy Ferris; R. G. Faria, in memory of Stanley N. Faria; Joan Garrett; Teri Gerritz, in memory of Michael Tidwell; Roxanne Giovanetti, in memory of Ruth Giovanetti; Laura G. Goldman; Margie & David Guggenhime; Dale & Joanne Haukland; Terry & Larry Hill; Ira Hirschfield & Tom Hansen, in honor of Sandra Weiss; M. Kawahata; Daniel Krueger; Michele McNamara; Carol Olmert; Silwa & Thomas, in memory of Philip Cheresh; Nancy & Terry Theken, in honor of David Thorpe Waller III; Peter Thomas & Rosie Andrews; Toda Family; Chris & Sue White; Janet Zanetto.

Anonymous donations in honor of: The Eisenhardt Family.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Alice Fukuyama; Simeona Cruz Gallega; Frank Mattei.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Brian & Britt-Marie Morris; Anonymous, in memory of Carol M. Prentice.

Supporter ($500-$999): George & Zita Boyson, in memory of Kenneth, Ruby & Brooks Crosier and Edward & Alice Boyson; Richard & Christine Colton; Franchelle Howes, in honor of Leslie Howes.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Ruth Bernstein & Matthew Patchell; Noel Blos; Alison Campbell; James Cunningham; Patricia Edgar, in memory of Brenda Edgar; Olallo L. Fernandez, in memory of Olallo J. & Maria del Carmen Fernandez; Alice Hall & Michael Smith; Allyson Hance; Bart & Diana Jones, in memory of Anthony Jones; Curtis S. Kidder; Donald Rubin & Olympia Martyn; Chris & Lyn Rudnicki; Robin Smallberg; Ruth Weiller; Kristen Wick, in memory of Ruth V. Wick.

Booster ($150-$249): Cathryn Braga, in memory of Mary Braga; Barbara H. Dwyer; Bill & Joe Judge.

Contributor ($100-$149): Marshal & Lolita Brewster, in honor of Morgan & Amy; Shirlee Bromley, in honor of the fire victims in the North Bay; Valerie Dambrosio; Paula Fahey & John Buono; Anonymous, in honor of Lisa Herring; Lavonne Jacobsen; James Laskin, in honor of Collies for Classical Music; Valerie Lewis; Tom McManus; Lee & Judy Shulman; Ron Yamato; Dave & Marilyn Zimmerman.

Friend ($50-$99): John Arnaudo; Winslow Briggs; Yvonne Cannon, in memory of Chuck Cannon; Claire Liversidge; Merilyn Presten, in memory of Elroy Fulmer, Jr.; Don & Diane Rieschick; Gaylen & John Stirton.

Additional donations: Larry & Linda Altbaum; Carolyn & Kent Barnes, in honor of Betty Sterling Barnes; Darlene Bearde; Paul & Sandra Bessieres; Jane Buerger, in memory of Judith A. Schmitz; Patricia Carberry-Harris, in memory of my parents; Gordon A. Copas, in honor of fire victims in Napa/Sonoma counties; Richard & Beth DeAtley; Monte Deignan; Roy & Betsy Eisenhardt, in honor of Linda Burns; Jan Fernando & Shelli Rosenfeld; Diana Goldstein, in honor of Adam Goldstein; Linda M. Grady, in memory of Valentina Irene Grady; Ira Hirschfield & Tom Hansen, in honor of Gale Richards & Ruth Dawson; Linda Lee, in memory of Douglas Carson Smith; A. Macaraig; G. & E. Marrama, in memory of Anthony & Esther Marrama; Lee McGrath-Schweizer, in memory of Raymond J. Schweizer; Nina, Frank & Bella, in honor of Ruth J. Allen; Hilary Poon; Ann & Don Rathjen; Linda Reilly & Heath Pois; Deborah Sarnoff, in memory of Janet Sarnoff; Anne & Scot Scanlan-Rohrer, in honor of Barack Obama; Duane Silverstein & Marcia Stewart; John & Kay Stewart; Allen Strege, in memory of Janice Strege; Bill & Aria White, in memory of our parents and sister Aliisa Johnson.

Anonymous donations in honor of: Our friends the Regans, Ballatis, and Sangiacomos.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Marion A. Bourke; Jitsuo Higashi; Raymon Kliewer; Brian LeFevre.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Anonymous, in honor of the Residents of 61 Divisadero Street; Patricia F. Thomas, in memory of Hazel V. Boyd, Sylvia Boyd, and Virginia Neumann.

Supporter ($500-$999): Doris Balabanian & Ron Kyle; Betty Bekgran, in memory of Sven Bekgran; Chris Dawson; Charles Graham, in memory of Lorenz & Ruth Graham; Craig & Susan Norris, in honor of North Bay Fire Victims; Norma Schmitz, in memory of Ida & Norman Schmitz.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Olallo L. Fernandez, in memory of Joy Conde; Mark Koker, in memory of my parents; Haruko Sasaki; Susan & John Stockton, in honor of Atlas Fire First Responders; Judith Windt & Manuel Nathenson.

Booster ($150-$249): Don Alan; Joyce Bartlett; Ralph & Valerie Daniels, in memory of George Ford; Roger Sharpe, in memory of Christine & Lloyd Sharpe; Don Sokolski & Elka Shockett, in memory of Randee Allen; Tom Valtin & Ellen Cox, in memory of Marguerite Cox; Matt Wathen.

Contributor ($100-$149): Gretchen P. Elliott; Beth & Joseph Furstenthal; Jerry Guerzon, in memory of Jerry & Rose Guerzon; Paul & Rita Kaplan; Margaret Kato; Kevin & Kathy Knowles; William Lenehan; Mary Anne McGuire-Hickey, in memory of John Hickey; Ralph & Arlene Reed; Roberta Riggs; David M. Roske; Adda Sigurdar, in memory of my husband Klaus Brandt; Deborah Spencer, in memory of Peggy Luke.

Friend ($50-$99): Dale Ellis, in memory of Herb & Buell Ellis; Francis H. Frederick; Mike Norris; Poncia Family, in memory of Santa Rosa Fire Victims; Tamara Tovey; Anonymous, in memory of B. G. Z.

Fan ($1-$49): Lydia Mendoza & Henry Little.

Additional donations: Barry & Evelyn Adler; Lina M. Alta, in memory of Leon Alta; Judy Barr; Kelly Brant; James Carlson, in honor of Ira Hirschfield; June Cheit; Carolyn Duffey, in honor of Rico; Roy & Betsy Eisenhardt, in honor of Patty Dinner; Patricia S. Elvebak; Katya & Joel Gerwein, in memory of Sherry Mencher; Diana Goldstein, in honor of Elena Goldstein; Naomi Green, in memory of Richard Green; Darryl & Martha Hart; Esther Herrera; Ira Hirschfield & Tom Hansen, in honor of Suzy Cain; Victor Horlick; John Kaufmann; William W. Lary; Linda Lee, in memory of Tom Alderman; Kathie Long, in memory of Katie & Dick Abbot and Dan Long; Cinda MacKinnon, in memory of Helen Swan Padberg; Joanne Mandel, in memory of Dorothy George; Greg Maple & Gilda Malek; JoAnn Nissim, in memory of Rita Guiney; Leslie Ouichet, in memory of Katherine Morrison; Karen Robbins; Ann L. Roper; Vivienne Roseby & Herbert Berkoff, in memory of Maurice Roseby; Stephen Schwarz; Betty L. Sexton; Diane Soshnik, in memory of Marilyn & John Soshnik; Rochelle Weil.

Anonymous donations in honor of: The Engstrom’s 63rd anniversary; Inmate Firefighters; Barack Obama; The Salli Family; Mimi Jane Seligman.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Susan Halperin.

Supporter ($500-$999): Anonymous, in honor of Barbara, Sue, Joyce, Jackie, and Katie Jo and in memory of Amanda, Lee, Ra, Margaret Wall, Leo Kelley, Emil Wall, Mary Baker, and Joe Baker; Mary Hudson, in memory of Michael Hudson; Bonnie Lindahl; Ann & Bill Moon, in memory of Ed & Frances Moon and George & Ada Warren; Kristin D. Nisewaner, in memory of Ken Whiting Nisewaner; Leana Olliffe, in memory of Seth & Gregg Arnold; Dorothy Spalding, in memory of Francis O. Spalding.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Bob & Ann Fischer; Trudy Greenlaw & Phil Binley; Richard Ingalls; Donna Mickleson; Anonymous, in memory of Helen I. Ryan; Stephanie Vandrick, in memory of my father; David C. Y. Wong.

Booster ($150-$249): Susan Bianucci, in memory of Clifford L. Walker; Alfred Boe; Anonymous, in memory of Eugenia Bolduc; Joseph A. Faimali; Bennett Janken & Paul Hein; Judith Leash; Meredith Minkler & Jerry Peters, in memory of Roy, Fran & Don Minkler; Huy Vu.

Contributor ($100-$149): Fadhilla N. Bradley; Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Bucchianeri; Marian Gade; Larry Hanover, in honor of Menachem Creditor; Richard D. Klapp; Terrence Lee; Elizabeth Lucchesi, in memory of Anthony R. Lucchesi; Kathleen Matthews; Barry & Jane Moss; Phyllis Ponte, in memory of Charles Ponte; Suzanne Sage; Ginny & Bill Vidal; Henry & Karen Yee.

Friend ($50-$99): Tim Collins, in honor of Coffey Park Fire Victims; Stan & Sharon Hammond, in memory of Luigi Santini; John Snetsinger.

Additional donations: Christina Apostolakos; Andrew Cheng; Christine & Brooks Crawford, in memory of Stephanie MacColl; Roy & Betsy Eisenhardt, in honor of Alex Eisenhardt; Sue Evans & Jim Hobart; Cheryle Foskett; Cynthia S. Foster; Nancy M. Friedman & Terry Hill; M. Garzona, in memory of Mario E. Garzona; Ira Hirschfield & Tom Hansen, in memory of Mel Young; Ann Jessup; Wilma F. Jones; Beverley Knowlton, in memory of Robert J. Knowlton; Louis Labat, in memory of Mrs. Lucille Labat; Ann Lage, in honor of ROHO fabulistas; Joan Larson; John & Sylvia Lee; Scott, Leslie, Michael, and Conner Leoncini, in honor of Margaret Connor; Stephanie Lovette; Ralph & Antonia Lozon; Judith Miller, in memory of Walter Miller; Sandra Monasch, in memory of my parents; Thomas Ng; Susan Owyang; Ron Pimentel, in memory of the Pimentel Family; Trevanion Pope; Karin Seeman; Valerie Stilson, in memory of Curtis Pfeiffer; Kevin Tam; Jeanne Thomas; Mary Tresmontan; Ruth Wickline; John Williams; John & Roberta Williams; James Young, in memory of Mildred Young.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Alan Edwards; Walter & Evelyn Haas.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Steve Rundstrom.

Supporter ($500-$999): Ken & Marian Handy; Barbara & Richard Mendelsohn; Sig & Barbara Paulazzo; Michael & Cathleen Simmons.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Donald & Lone Beeson, in memory of Cynthia Hazelrigg; Ann Casper & Mark Irons, in memory of Lee & Doris Casper; H. Doonan, in honor of Bill Doonan; Carleen Goeckel, in memory of the Victims of the North Bay Fires; Edward & Masako Kanazawa; Larry & May Oy Lui; Renée R. & Irving C. Statler.

Booster ($150-$249): Walter & Nancy Berger, in honor of First Responders in the Napa/Sonoma Fires; Ronald Blasquez, in memory of John & Dolores Blasquez; Anonymous, in memory of Michael Chetkovich; Vallery Feldman; Ann Hasse, in memory of Colin Farrish Hasse; Ginny Irving, in memory of Bill & Fran Irving; Joanne Lombardi; Rosemary Rodd, in memory of Debra and Patricia Kaye Humphreys; Charnee & Jacob Smit; D. J. Walz; Jon & Zita Weil

Contributor ($100-$149): Gerard & Lilly Bourguignon; Vickie Cardellini; Nancy Freeman, in memory of Dolly Bass; Ed & Joyce Kalush; Kathryn Kearney; Judy Kelly; Sue & Marv Levinson, in memory of Alice Kollman; Susan Patrick, in memory of my parents; James Pearson, in memory of Lisa Pearson; Regina Randolph, in memory of Louise Randolph; Sue Sandson; Elizabeth Storey; Karen Thomas, in memory of Shelley Couch; John R. Watson.

Friend ($50-$99): Meryl Glass, in honor and in memory of my mom Dorothy Pier; Susan & Carl Groff; Robert & Jerrilyn Kaplan.

Fan ($1-$49): Suzanne Thompson.

Additional donations: Barbara Aliza, in memory of Ben Aliza; Bev & Jerry Becker; Collette Brooks, in memory of Helen King Choppin; John Tamor Citron & Felicia Hsin Liu; Roy & Betsy Eisenhardt, in honor of the Chen-Young Family; D. Fong; Elizabeth Garsonnin; John Heffernan; Ira Hirschfield & Tom Hansen, in honor of Jane & Jeff Gersick; Nancy Kull & Bill Young; Germaine LaBerge, in honor of Ann, Laura, Sally, and Suz; Robert Lopez; Gail MacGowan; John & Louise Mason; Debra Mipos, in honor of First Responders; Bill & Kay Norman, in memory of Suzanne Norman; Erika Opper & James Horton; Bobby & Tito Patri, in honor of Lilian Patri; Helen K. Pedersen; Katherine Petrelis; Laurel Przybylski; Nancy E. Ribak, in memory of Robert C. Ribak; Barbara Scheifler; Pat Schwartz; Paula Schwerin; Cookie & Jim Svingos.

Anonymous donations in memory of: Rufino & Paz Garcia; Gumbo; Chaffee Earl Hall, Jr.; Orissa Haymond; Richard Hochede; Ann T. Muenk; Margaret & Joseph Pask; Jay Dee Wark, M.D.

Benefactor ($1,500-$1,999): Gabriel & Eva Gregoratos; Lorraine Kendall; Warren Snaider, in memory of Himey & Ida Snaider.

Advocate ($1,000-$1,499): Philip Hanwalt & Graciela Spivak; Drs. John & Penny Loeb.

Supporter ($500-$999): Sidney F. Baker, in memory of Joanne Baker; Cecily & Larry Cassel; Jacqueline Desoer; Tim & Maritza Ilario; Annegrethe Kisling; Susan Yamaguchi, in honor of Martha Imai.

Collaborator ($250-$499): Joe DiPrisco & Patti James; Richard Eisner & Julie Gordon; Irwin & C. J. Feinberg; Nyles Johnson, in memory of Tony Gladson; Sherry Ruskin, in memory of David Large; Esther Woll; Bonnie Wong, in honor of Peacemakers.

Booster ($150-$249): Alex & Vicki DeMasi; Lee Ranadive, in memory of my beloved mother Sally Rademan; Dean & Annette Robinson; Anne & Richard Ruben, in memory of Jonathan Ruben.

Contributor ($100-$149): Nancy & David Crowne; Harriet & John DiPaolo; Patricia Ernsberger, in memory of James Porterfield; Kay Hamilton Estey; Janice Fox; Martha Fox; Nancy Huber & Joe Huber; Bill Jones, in memory of Aaron Hunter Jones; Mr. & Mrs. George E. Krueger; Kathryn Morris, in memory of John R. Krause; Jean L. & Mayte Ocafrain, in memory of our parents Ocafrain-Dagorret; Donna & Eric Steger.

Friend ($50-$99): Diana Fivey; Jeff Pekrul; Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Rothenbuescher, in memory of Col. & Mrs. John H. Bishop; Bonnie Stevens, in memory of Bill Stevens.

Fan ($1-$49): Carolyn Cooper; JB Weller; Steve Wiley.

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