Mother in hospital a financial setback for family

As the sole provider for his family of five, Carlos Medina is no stranger to putting in a solid day’s work. For the past 20 years, he has regularly clocked eight to nine hours at a time as an event server in San Mateo to ensure that his family is taken care of. But when his wife, Laura Garcia, was unexpectedly hospitalized in … Read More

Young grandmother gets a fresh start

Marsha Lyles doesn’t look like a woman who is down on her luck. She lives in a tidy apartment complex in one of the quieter corners of the East Bay. She wears a stylish silver chain over her black turtleneck, with matching earrings, bracelet and watch. There’s even a newer model SUV sitting in her carport – the rear windows covered … Read More

Season of Sharing helps Pacifica family

Craig and Dawn Miller know that there really is no place like home. The idea of a stable residence was shaky at best after they both lost full-time time jobs a few months ago. With two college-bound teenage girls harboring big dreams, losing their apartment was unthinkable. “I had a very good job and was doing really well, and then … Read More

Food banks turn to Season of Sharing Fund for help

One out of every 10 households in the Bay Area will turn to a food bank this holiday season for sustenance, officials say. Not just the elderly or people too disabled to work, but residents who until a year or two ago held lucrative jobs, owned nice homes and could afford to fill their carts at the supermarket. “Use is … Read More

Part-time teacher, 73, happy to give back to kids

At an age when most people have retired, 73-year-old Carlos Ramirez gets up early for work as a substitute teacher in San Francisco schools to make ends meet. While he enjoys teaching young people – particularly sharing his love of poetry and song – he finds the job physically and emotionally taxing. The bottom line is he doesn’t have a choice. “I … Read More

Month’s rent relieves financial pressure

Claudia Salgado has always wanted more for her daughters. Salgado’s own mother died when she was 7, and nine months later her father moved from Mexico to Point Reyes Station to make money for the family. Salgado said she had no toys, and her new guardians in Mexico expected her to work like a grown-up. “I can see myself in them – a … Read More

Family of 5 no longer has to live in a garage

Living with three teenage girls can be trying, even for the most patient parents. So imagine living with your family of five – including three young women – in a garage for more than a year. That was the plight of the Cedillo family, who watched their American dream crumble after Roque Cedillo lost his job in February 2008. Three … Read More

Home for the holidays is Hayward apartment for mom

Felicia Shavies managed to smile through tears as she described how a series of events that were out of her control turned her world upside down. Those events – the real estate downturn, getting laid off, injuring her thumb and even the NBA lockout – made life difficult enough for Shavies, 42, and her 17-year-old son, Jawuan. But the death of her … Read More

Edna Medeiros’ son with kidney transplant gets aid

Edna Marie Medeiros chokes up talking about how Season of Sharing – The Chronicle’s annual giving campaign – helped her move to a larger apartment so her son Antonio could have his own room while recovering from a kidney transplant. “God bless them because they changed our lives,” said Medeiros, an outgoing woman with a ready smile. “I didn’t have to … Read More