Forklift repairman turns to Season of Sharing to avoid eviction

Nearly two decades ago, a friend of Gerardo Monroy handed him a business card for Sunnyvale Community Services and told him that if he ever landed on hard times, the agency might be able to help out. Monroy, who with his brother had just started a forklift repair business, tossed the card in a drawer. He had plenty of work. … Read More

Loma Prieta quake hero finds home, hope through Season of Sharing

When the Loma Prieta earthquake hit, John Abduljaami was living next to the Cypress Structure in Oakland, where he ran a scrap metal yard. Abduljaami was able to grab some aluminum ladders, run across the street to the elevated freeway, extend them to the roadway, climb up and bring stuck motorists down to safety. “That was one of the biggest … Read More