For Those In Need

Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund helps Bay Area households who are striving to overcome an unexpected challenge. We provide assistance with housing (rent or mortgage, first and last month’s deposit) as well as other critical needs like utility payments. Assistance is provided in the form of direct payments to the supplier of services, such as a landlord or utility company.

Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund is designed to provide short-term assistance to help Bay Area households overcome an unforeseen crisis. Applicants must provide proof that in the months following receiving assistance, they will have the means to cover their housing and living expenses.

To apply, please contact the coordinating agency in the Bay Area county in which you reside. Contact information for these coordinating agencies can be found below. 

Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund also provides support to Bay Area food banks to purchase food. If you or someone you know is in need of food, please contact the food bank in the county in which you reside.