Partner Organizations

The Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund works with an array of community partners to ensure that our work delivers real benefits to individuals and families in crisis.

Social Service Agencies

The Fund works with coordinating agencies in each county, who in turn rely on a network of 150 community service agencies to provide screening and referral services, and to help families prepare grant applications. Once the applications are approved, fiscal agents in each county disburse grants directly to suppliers of services, such as landlords or medical equipment providers. Individuals do not receive direct grants from the Fund.

County Food Banks

In addition to making grants to meet the needs of individual families, the Fund supports Bay Area food banks to provide over 2.7 million meals each year to people who might otherwise go hungry. The Fund is one of the largest private donors to San Francisco Bay Area food banks, providing them with $23 million over the last 34 years.

For more information on our partners in each county, click here.