Grandmother finds housing help

Eula Sims keeps her home neat. She has her Bibles, which she reads often. She pins a few unframed photographs of her children on the wall next to her daybed. She keeps a dish out with peppermint candy in it. And she makes room for a pink stuffed teddy bear that she says reminds her of her grandson. There’s nothing … Read More

Fast countdown to homelessness

Not many people can point to the exact cause of suddenly becoming homeless, much less put a number to it. For Tri-Nu Little, the number was 31. That’s the number of days it took her rent to increase by $650, a more than 60 percent jump in monthly payments, made insurmountable by the building owner’s decision to stop accepting Section … Read More

Bay Area People | Joshua Perez

POSTED: DEC 18, 2017 11:19AM PST BAY AREA PEOPLE – Season Of Sharing – Joshua Perez A single father is forced to find a new home not once, but twice…all while dealing with an injury. How the Chronicle’s Season Of Sharing Fund helped him finally get settled with his children.

Bay Area People | Melody Nichols

POSTED: DEC 18, 2017 11:13AM PST BAY AREA PEOPLE Season Of Sharing – Melody Nichols The story of a young mother whose life was going well, until she started experiencing a mysterious pain in her side. How that pain led her down a rough road and how the Chronicle’s Season of Sharing Fund kept her on the right path.

Bay Area People | Rosita Wilson

POSTED: DEC 18, 2017 11:08AM PST BAY AREA PEOPLE Season Of Sharing – Rosita Watson Someone referred Rosita Watson to the Season of Sharing Fund years ago, but she never pursued it. And then a few months ago, she found herself in a pretty difficult spot, and the referral turned out to be just what she needed.  

Bay Area People – Hickman Family

POSTED: DEC 18, 2017 BAY AREA PEOPLE Season of Sharing – Hickman Family The Hickman family lost their home and everything inside it in the North Bay Fires. For days, they weren’t sure where they were going to live, until the Season Of Sharing Fund stepped in to help.

Woman keeps the faith after surgery

When Melody Nichols was stuck at home recovering from sudden appendicitis surgery, she kept trying to return to work so she could pay her bills. But her body, riddled with pain, held her back. “It was like God said, ‘Sit there, and let me do my work,’” Nichols said, while drinking a cup of coffee at her grandfather’s kitchen table … Read More

Season of Sharing helps struggling family with rent

Back before ride-hailing apps became all the rage, San Francisco cabdrivers could make a decent living, especially if they owned one of the 2,000 city-issued medallions. The medallion allowed drivers to own their own cabs, which would mean higher incomes. A medallion was hard to get, so they were treasured, but Mike Mohamed Erakat never got his. He had applied … Read More

Fund helps carpenter keep home after suffering 2 strokes

In March, Michael Peterson was a finish carpenter — a skilled artisan with a knack for designing intricate woodwork. In the past, he oversaw as many as six workers executing his plans. Now, in the middle of a work day, he sits at a slightly awkward distance from a visitor in the ballroom of the once-grand, 1920s-era hotel where he … Read More