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2020-2021 Major Donors

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Leadership Circle: $1,000,000 – $20,000

★RSMcDowell Fund
♥A San Francisco Family

♥Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund

♥R. Ken & Donna M. Coit
★Bill & Susan Oberndorf Foundation

♥Michele & John McNellis

★Arthur & Toni Rembe Rock

♥Jennifer Hobart & Michael Katz, in honor of Melvin Katz & Barbara Smith

♥Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund

★Nancy & Stephen Grand


Menorah Park

♥Herbst Foundation

♥John & Marcia Goldman Foundation
★Linda & Jon Gruber
♥Margaret E. Haas
The Lemala Fund
The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation
★John Pritzker Family Fund

$75,000 – $99,999
♥The Falik Family, in memory of Harry Falik
★Irwin & Concepción Federman, in memory of Sheila Federman and Todd Valiente Woodman
♥Colleen & Robert D. Haas, in memory of Walter A. Haas, Jr. & Evelyn Danzig Haas
★The Kimball Foundation
★Cindy & Stephen Snow

$50,000 – $74,999
★Barbara Bass Bakar
★Philip D. Black & Brigitte Sandquist
Tom Cohen & Kristi Denton Cohen
♥Mike & Peggy Dotterweich
♥Betsy & Roy Eisenhardt, in memory of Walter A. Haas, Jr. & Evelyn Danzig Haas
★Fisher Family
★William Fries II Foundation
Krissy & Glenn Gable
♥Julie & Walter J. Haas, in memory of Walter A. Haas, Jr. & Evelyn Danzig Haas
♥Walter & Elise Haas Fund
★The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation
★Anonymous, in honor of Sally Lilienthal
♥Connie & Bob Lurie
★The Moca Foundation
★The Bernard Osher Foundation
Anonymous San Francisco Family
★Robert K. and Barbara Straus Family Foundation
The Ingrid D. Tauber Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund
Thidwick, in honor of Ted Geisel
★Tonkin Family Philanthropic Fund
★Rick & Margaret Zawadski

$35,000 – $49,999
♥Richard Beleson & Kim Lam Beleson, in memory of Joe Morgan
Wai & Glenda Chang
♥Elise K. Haas, in memory of Walter A. Haas, Jr. & Evelyn Danzig Haas
♥Ginnie & Peter Haas, Jr.
★Mimi & Peter Haas Fund
♥Hellman Foundation
♥Kern Family Fund, in memory of Mara Kern, with love
★Marie & Barry Lipman
★Barbara & Richard Rosenberg
★Carol & Ned Spieker Fund
★Kathleen Van Boven, in memory of Lee Van Boven
★Tara VanDerveer & Amy Tucker

$25,000 – $34,999
♥Lynn & Ken Baron, in memory of our parents
S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation
★Byer Foundation
★Victor & Denice DeSimone, in memory of Shadow and Kaspar
★Ray & Dagmar Dolby Fund
★The Eucalyptus Foundation
♥The Feibusch Foundation
♥Constance Hiatt & Sara Kathleen Doster, MD
★John & Tina Keker
★Carole & Ted Krumland – The Harold & Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust
★Knoll Family Charitable Trust
★Levi Strauss Foundation
Jon & Gale Love
★Philip & Keven Madvig
★Kazan McClain Partners’ Foundation
♥Cristina Morgan, in memory of Steve Bergren
♥Mary Carlos Pattison
★Anonymous, in memory of Pres
★William & Renée Rothmann, in honor of Alan Schneider, Richard Seeley, Rod Handeland, Sidney Tuchman, and Daisy Oziel
★Craig & Terri Rubenstein
★San Francisco Chronicle
★Ed & Liliane Schneider
★The Sidney Schonfeld Foundation, in memory of Marie Lima Schonfeld
★Beatrix & Michael Seidenberg
♥Shawe Family Charitable Foundation
♥Peter & Bonnie Sherwood
♥Denise & Dave Smith
★Sundial Fund
★Mary & Steven Swig
★Roselyne C. Swig
★Joan Walkup Corrigan
★Anonymous, in memory of Mildred C. Weisberg with love, respect and gratitude
★Wendell Family Foundation

$20,000 – $24,999
★Anonymous Benefactor
♥Buz & Anne Battle
♥Michael & Lee Callaham, in memory of our parents
★Donald Carlson, in memory of Josephine Fogg
★Victor & Denice DeSimone, in memory of Jungle Junior and Mitzi
♥Sarah Eisenhardt, in memory of Walter A. Haas, Jr. & Evelyn Danzig Haas
★Steve & Barbara Hearst
♥Ira Hirschfield & Tom Hansen, in memory of Walter A. Haas, Jr. & Evelyn Danzig Haas
♥Matt & Margaret Jacobson, in memory of our parents
★LSP Family Foundation
★Dennis Martino
★Betsy Packard
★Allen & Cindy Ruby
Tim & Annette Ryan
★San Francisco Foundation
★Anonymous, in memory of Seymour Silberman
Shawe Family Charitable Foundation
★Chris & Susan Wilkens
★Diane B. Wilsey



Community Circle: $19,999 – $10,000

$15,000 – $19,999
★Anonymous, in honor of Amy, Dan, Cristina, and Mara
★Robert & Susan Bernheim
♥Michael Blake & Barbara Howald, in memory of Walter A. Haas, Jr. & Evelyn Danzig Haas
★The Candelaria Fund, in memory of Betsy & Locky Tower
Anonymous, in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Y.L. Chen
The Joseph W. Cotchett Foundation, in honor of California doctors and nurses
★Anonymous, in honor of Perry Garvin & Erin Paulson
♥Becky & John Glikbarg
♥Anne & Jeff Howson
★Karen & Robert Kustel
Anthony & Bernice Malizia
★John A. & Miriam Mangini, in honor of all frontline workers
♥Catherine Merrill
★Pantoll Road, Inc. in memory of Martin Swig
★Anonymous, in memory of Jane & Hubert Perry and Gene & Ben Garvin
★Stephen & Catherine Rogers
Hubert Russell, in memory of Ruth Pannier Russell
★Michael and Susan Schwartz Fund
♥Craig & Christina Stephen
★Morris Stulsaft Foundation
♥Bill & Linda Tichy
♥William van Melle & Patricia Ho

$10,000 – $14,999
★Karen & Ken Adelson
★Cynthia & Dan Banks
★Nancy & Joachim Bechtle
♥Natasha Bell & Christopher Cherney
★Big Joe Handling Systems in memory of Burton Kiefus and Jake & Evelyn McCleary
♥Char Blackford, in memory of Mike Blackford and Tim Toohig
★Mary & Jerry Boddum, in memory of Nick, Nels, Marie, and Peder
★Robert & Alice Bridges Foundation
★Laurie Cohen Fund
★The Collier Family Fund
Cohn Charitable Fund
★Susan Collins
Del-Camp Investments, Inc.
♥Ken & Donna Derr
★Marti & Steve Diamond Charitable Foundation, in memory of the Cornejo family
★Jerome & Thao Dodson
♥Christine Doyle & Michael Yessik
William & Trudy Drypolcher, in memory of Steven Drypolcher
★Gail Eiselman in loving memory of Gerry
♥Joseph Ellin & Jacqueline Aiken
★Lynn Feintech & Anthony Bernhardt
★Denise Filakosky
Fred, May, Jennifer, Brian, and Opal
★Anonymous, in honor of Ira S. Hirschfield & Tom Hansen
★Leslie & George Hume
★Fred Karren, in memory of Beth Karren
★Richard Keenan & Kathleen McNamara
♥Matthew Kelly Family Foundation
★Tom & Kate Klein
Kosla Family Fund
★Barbara Krummel & Russell Higuchi
★Paul Levine, in memory of Jerome & Doris Levine
★Joan Li, MD
★Robert J. Louie Memorial Fund
★Alexander M. & June L. Maisin Foundation of the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund
★Karl Matthies & Kristy Pierce
★Eileen McDavid, in memory of William McDavid
★Fran & David Meckler
Ivan & Maris Meyerson, in memory of Morley Meyerson
Anonymous, in honor of the Mission District
★Richard Nagler & Sheila Sosnow, in memory of Quinn Van Bergen
Anonymous, in memory of Mickey Newman
★Roger Odenberg & Cathlee McCafferty Family Fund
♥John O’Donnell & Therese Post
Omidyar Network Fund, Inc
★Mark W. & Mauree Jane Perry
Pinpoint Foundation
♥Jim Price
♥Art Raisman, Ph.D.
♥Venetta & John Rohal
★John S. Rosekrans
Pamela & Christopher Rupright
★Eleanor Sade
★Sanger Family Foundation
★Connie & Kevin Shanahan, in memory of Tim Shanahan
♥Mary Lou Shott
♥Carol Smythe
★Beverly & Bruce Stamper
★Anonymous, in honor of Otis R. Taylor, Jr.
♥Melinda & Vahid Vahedi
♥Janice Wallace
♥Jennie Watson & Paul Lucchesi, in memory of Walter A. Haas, Jr. & Evelyn Danzig Haas
♥WIZARD487 Fund
★Woodlawn Foundation
♥Sylvia Yee & Brian J. McCaffrey, in memory of Walter A. Haas, Jr. & Evelyn Danzig Haas


Neighborhood Circle: $9,999 – $2,000

$5,000 – $9,999
★Fred & Barbara Abbott
★Kent & Terry Ainsworth
♥Kristin Anundsen
★Jim Armstrong & Debbie Lee
★Yvette Assia & George Breslauer, in memory of Rony Assia
★Joan Avenali
★Rachel Bell & Tony Samer
★Robert C. Braddock, in memory of Robert C. & Lois C. Braddock
♥Henry & Margaret Brodkin
♥Anonymous, in memory of Julie Brook
★Theodore Brown
★John M. Bryan Family Fund
★Jay & Pat Cahill
★Cacci Construction Inc. in memory of Frank & Pat Ferrera and Edward & Kay Mahar
★Patrick Carlisle & Rebecca Scherzer, in honor of those risking their lives for others
★Jim & Susan Cavalieri
★Jack Cedarquist
♥Cathy Cha & Dara O’Rourke, in memory of Walter A. Haas, Jr. & Evelyn Danzig Haas
♥Ed & Grace Chow
♥Lucia Christopher & Ken Smith
★Ann Claesgens
The Cleo Foundation
★David & Vicki Cox
★Mary A. Crocker Trust
★Crosspoint Realty Services, Inc., in honor of our clients
♥George & Susan Crow
★Kevin & Sarah Cunningham
♥Brian & Keridwen Dahm
★Anonymous, in memory of Gustav Dalla Valle
★John Davis
★Anonymous, in memory and honor of Delia
Michael & Carol Dollinger
★Donald & Elizabeth Dorfman
★Anne & Jerry Down
Linda Erkelens, in memory of Kim Wetzel
♥Rita Evans & Andy Hrenyo
★Mary Lu Everett
★Alex & Jodi Fedor, in memory of our parents
Ron Fisher
Linda Jo Fitz
★Forty-Five Fremont, LLC, in honor of the tenants of 45 Fremont Street
★The Tom & Myrna Frankel Foundation
★Robert M. Friedman, in honor of Ira Hirschfield and his generous and creative spirit, and the Walter and Evelyn Haas Family
★Forty-Five Freemont Street, LLC, in honor of the 45 Freemont St.
★Sam Genirberg
★Constance M. Goodyear & Barry C. Baron
♥Walter A. Haas, III, in memory of Walter A. Haas, Jr. & Evelyn Danzig Haas
★Denise Hall, in memory of Prentis Cobb Hale
♥Peter & Harriet Hanauer
★Eve Heyman
★Bill Hirsch & Betsy Crabtree, in honor of Ira Hirschfield
★Harlan & Gayl Hirschfeld
★Robert & Donna Holder
The Humanist Fund
★Joe & Beth Hurwich
★Tucker & Charmly Ingham
♥Insight Memory Care Choices, in honor of loved ones with Alzheimer’s or memory
★Chris and John Ireland
Robert Izmirian & Suzanne Smith, in memory of Luther & Grace Izmirian
★Dennis & Paula Jaffe
★Maryellie & Rupert Johnson, Jr., in memory of our parents
★Paulette Johnson & Steve Waterman
Lindsay & Peter Joost
★The Kaplan Family
♥Susan Karp
♥Joan Keil
♥Lisa King
★Carole Klein
★Peter & Patricia Knuth, in memory of James D. Kennedy
★Geoffrey & Barbara Kotin, in memory of Maryjo Roth Beach
★Brian Kreischer & Sarah Maxwell
★Nancy Kukkola, in memory of Dennis Kukkola
★Anonymous, in memory of Jared Kurtin
★The Lampert Byrd Foundation
★Cathy, Craig and Rich, in memory of Mary F. Leres
★Michael Lewis, in honor of Joan Lewis, and in memory of Hal Lewis
♥Jody LeWitter & Marc Van Der Hout
♥Linda & Jeff Lockwood, in honor of the Lockwood family
♥Low Family
★Roger & Maryann Lyons, in honor of all doctors, nurses and essential workers
♥Laura Mahanes & Steve Weissman
♥Rev. Paul & Elfrieda Malte
★Megan Mariotti
♥Jacqueline Martin & Brad Dismukes
★Roy Matthes
Daniel & Maya McBride
Paul J McCann Foundation
★Laureston & Barbara McLellan
★Bill Medigovich
★The Joseph & Mercedes McMicking Foundation
★M. Sheila Merritt & Robert D. Mass Family Fund
★John & Arlette Monfredini Foundation
★Mr. & Mrs. George Morris
♥Anonymous, in memory of my grandfathers and grandmother
★Anonymous, in honor of my kids and their kids
★Melissa Nelken & Ronald Lee
★Frank & Lois Noonan, in memory of Sean Noonan Moylan
★Fred & Ken Nurisso, owners of Broadway Mechanical Contractors, Inc., in honor of Robert T. Nurisso
★Christine Oliver
♥Gene & Kris O’Neil
★Joseph & Eda Pell
♥The Primas Family
★Phillips & Renner
Kay P. Pitman and Tom Carl, in memory of Bernard P. Mullins and Evelyn Carl
★Plumley Family Charitable Fund
Presidio Parlor #194 Native Sons of the Golden West
★Janet & Jim Richman, in memory of our parents
★Barbara & Joel Richmon
Helen & Allan Ridley, in memory of Helen & Tom Merigan
Deborah Robbins & Henry Navas
★Nancy Rynd, in memory of Ruth & Chris Rynd
★Michael H. & Maureen Samson
★Thom & Georgia Schuttish
★Douglas & Lisbeth Schwab
Bev Scott & Courtney, in honor of our San Francisco family and friends
♥Pamela Sebastian, in memory of Michael “Bear” Sebastian
★Dana & Gary Shapiro
★Steve & Susan Shortell
★Anonymous, in honor of Steve Silver, he was so generous and loved the Christmas season
★Tod Sklar & Lynn Mezzatesta, in memory of Madelyn Sklar
Denise & Dave Smith
Scott Sollers
★Anonymous, in memory of The Two Rubys
★Anonymous, in honor of those in need
★Cal & Mary Tilden
♥Nikki & Jay Tureen, in memory of Evelyn Lieberman
★TWANDA Foundation, Sidne Long and Hank Delevati
★U.S. Enterprise Corp., in memory of George, Marie, Isabel, Edna, and Pam
★Karen & Jeff Vesely
★Alice Vierra, in honor of Vierra/Brumbaugh Families
★Janice Wallace
★Anonymous, in memory of Myriam Washmera and Shirley Fausone
★Anonymous, in memory of S. Ron B. Williams
Cheryl & John Wingo
★Ronald & Anita Wornick
★The Worthing Family
Xue Family Fund
Peggy & Lee Zeigler

$2,500 – $4,999
Amy Ackerman & Robert Wexler
★Anonymous, in memory of all those lost to the COVID-19 pandemic
★John Ambrose
★Lesley J. Anderson & Paula Zand
♥Sara Jane Anderson
★Rich Auger & Mary Radu
★Randall Barkan & Audrey Barris
Kyle & Malia Barlow, in honor of Toni Barlow
♥Wendy Bear
★Joseph & Joyce Behar
Gerson & Sandy Bernhard
♥Anonymous, in memory of Karen Bettles
★Julie & James Borden
♥Richard Bourgon & Julia Trujillo
♥Rena Bransten
★Sharon & John Brauman
★Janet & Micah Broude, in memory of Marion & Harold Baer and Judith & Samuel Broude
♥Michèle Brouqua
♥Greg & Alma Brown
★Jerry Budin & Suzanne Meyer
♥California Math Festival Program, in honor of Owen Paul Meeker
★Anonymous, in memory of Helen Cande and Marjorie Spencer
♥Stephany Cavalier Houghton
★Anonymous, in loving memory of Leslie Cepillo
★James & Nancy Coriston, in memory of Tom Fitzmyers
★David Costa & Gary Furlong
★James Coughlin
★Anonymous, in memory of Chris Crist
Daniel & Susan Curran
★Chuck & Jeanie Cushner
★William DeGoff & David Lally, in memory of Vicki DeGoff
★Ted & Dorothy Dimitre
♥Joelle Edler
★Greg Elich & Vaughn Shields
♥Margy & John Eller
★Karen Emerson
♥Danice & Paul Fagin
★Anonymous, in honor of Claude Fagnan
★Wayne & Leslee Feinstein, in memory of Ben Feinstein
★James Finley
♥James Franicevich
♥Robert Garner
★Genentech Department of Safety Assessment
♥Stephen Gerard & Trudy Lionel
★Karl Goldstein, in memory of Joan Weston
★Linda & Jerry Goldstone
♥Michael & Laurel Gothelf
★Jacqueline Grissom, in memory of Joseph F. Vilardi
★Rita M. Guiney in honor of Colleen, Bob, and Elise Haas
★Charlotte Haas Prime & Josh Prime, in memory of Walter A. Haas, Jr. & Evelyn Danzig Haas
♥Lee & Ervin Hafter
★Anonymous, in honor of Robert M. Harlick
♥Michael & Marina Hardeman, in honor of SFFD and first responders
★Stephen Harris
★Hermco, Inc.
Susan & Numael Hernandez
♥Terence & Carin Hird
★Karen & Greg Holm
★Frank W. Horst
★Chris & Ken Hurwitz, in memory of Corinne & William Underwood
★Gayle M. Ing
★Howard & Elisabeth Jaffe
★Hillary & Mike Jameson, in honor of Chuck Collins
★Kathy & Bob Jaunich
★Martin & Maria Johnson
★Robert Joseph, in memory of Joe Colbath
♥Bill & Joey Judge
★Catherine & Brian Kane, in honor of the Miller and Samson families
★Erwin Kelly
★Meghan Kelly & John Blatz
♥Anonymous, in memory of David Vernon Keyes
★Kastner Kim LLP
★Sven Kjaersgaard
♥Dr. & Mrs. James T. Krejci, in memory of our lovely daughter Nikki Krejci Merritt
★Sara W. Lee & Michael J. Tripp
★Leland Family Charitable Fund
★Sally Lewis
♥Marian Li, in memory of Bud Jones and Mary Avery Hill
★Paul & Susan Lindquist
★Kay Lombardini
♥Diane Lynch
★Shane M
♥Brenda & Don Maclean
★Marc Manason
★Betsey Mar Ho
★John & Cindy McCauley, in memory of Margaret & Con McCauley
★Pam & John McCosker, in memory of Evie Haas and her children
♥Sharon & Paul Melodia
★Bernard & Leslie Martin
★Denise Martinez
★Shirley Matteson, in memory of Duncan L. Matteson
♥Mike & Maureen McCracken, in memory of Leona & Thomas and John & Tom Lennon
★McKeever Realty, in memory of Marie & Val McKeever
★Bill & Candy Mitchell, in memory of Rick Rudder
Susan & Mark Morris Philanthropic Fund, in memory of Mark Morris and Bob & Barbara Smith
★Anonymous, in memory of Mary Lou Nemanich
★Anonymous, in honor of William Nemanich
★Nibbi Brothers General Contractors
Sandra P. Ogden
♥Mark, Kathy, Dana and Kelsey Oium
★Nancy & Steven Oliver – Oliver & Company, Inc.
★Connie Oksol
★Craig & Carole Paterson
★Jason Pera & Bruce Miller
♥Anonymous, in memory of Ditter & Rene Peschcke-Koedt
★Richard & Betty Peters
★Carol & Parker Phillips, in memory of Walter A. Haas, Jr. & Evelyn Danzig
★James Philpot
★Dwight & Amelia Pilz
★Pinecrest Endowment Fund
★Paul & Heather Platt
♥John Podolsky
★Carolyn & David Pollock
★Michael & Diane Poryes
★Kathleen Rafael
★Helen Hilton Raiser
★Gregory & Lorene Randich
♥Marjorie Randolph
★Ann & Barry Reder, in honor of the doctors and staff of UCSF and CPMC
★Dr. Richard Richter
♥Bob & Bobbie Ritchie
★Marion & Jim Robertson, in honor of our four grandsons
★Wayne & Brenda Rodoni, in memory of Al & Ev Rodoni
★Rodney & Dawn Rose
★Anonymous, in memory of Adam St. Vincent
♥The Savage Family
★Marlys Saveri, in memory of Richard Saveri
★Patricia Savitri Burbank & Michael Kilgroe
★Shaun & Jan Scharetg
★Judy & John Sears
★John & Reva Segall
★The Sher-Right Fund
★Maria & Kip Shuman
★Gary Smith & Jamienne Studley
★Robert & Audrey Sockolov
♥John Stedman, in memory of Julie Brook
Pat Stein & Linda Scott, in memory of Gloria Siech & Bill Scott
★John Stiles & Robin Gillies
★Cynthia & Peter Sullivan
Suma Landscaping, Inc., in honor of all those contributing their time, money, and compassion for the benefit of others during this time
♥Doug & Gail Swartzendruber, in memory of Jerry & Taylor Bonora
★Alice & Malcolm Talcott
★Barry & Libby Taylor
★Anonymous, in honor of Otis R. Taylor Jr. (we’ll miss him!)
★Stephen Tedesco & Pamela Tibbitts
♥Melchior Thompson & Nell Lee Stinson, in memory of Ed & Nita Thompson, Dr. Ralf Stinson, Sr. & Harriett Stinson
★Judith & Robert C. Toll
★Betty Torrez, in memory of Gary Torrez
★Karol Uryga-Nawarowski Foundation
★Conrado & Sara Vellve
★T. B. Walker Foundation
Gretchen Whisenand, in memory of John Prine
★Kim & Ken Williams
★Nancy Wiltsek, in memory of Herb Wiltsek
★Wing Nien Foods, in memory of Edna Hall
★Art & Janet Wong
★James Yamada & Helen Mar, in memory of Yaeko Yamada
Jill & Derek Yegian
Bob & Christine Young
★Greg & Jodi Young, in honor of my Stifel clients
★T.G. Zimmerman, in memory of my wife, Dale Marie Konetsky-Zimmerman
★W. J. Zonner, in memory of Jean Zonner

$2,000 – $2,499
★Anonymous, in memory of George D. Andros
★Anonymous, in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
★Rita Bell, in memory of Stanley J. Bell
★Reiko Berger, in memory of Wesley Oyama
♥Pete & Sue Bowser
★The Honorable Charles R. Breyer, in memory of Sydney Goldstein
Anonymous, in memory of Elaine Dylla Bronez
★Mary Ellen Brown
Robert Bruce, in honor of first responders
★Mr. & Mrs. Burgarella
★John & Elizabeth T. Busby Family
★Anonymous, in honor of Robby, Ava, Eve, Jimmy, Camila, Catarina, Danielle, Antonio, Marcella, and Ruth Bustamante
★Cadre, The Fine Art of Picture Framing
♥Julie Cahill
★CAM Construction & Painting
★Carolyn, in memory of Bill & Alice Cox
★Dion Coakley
★Ned & Linda Congdon
★Brigitte Cullen, in memory of Virginia Sickly
★Patti & Ed Doherty
★Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Dolin
★Greg & Marie Dunford
★Carol Ebert & Jim Ferrell
★Joelle Edler, in memory of Diane Horowitz Newman
★Elaine Farge, in memory of Joe K. Byrd, Sr.
★J. Edgar & Veronica Fennie Jr.
★James & Elizabeth Ferguson, in honor of Margaret Gee
★Harry & Sheilah Fish
Mr. & Mrs. W. Fitelson
★Lilly C. Frawley, in honor of Marty Griffin’s 100th Christmas
★Bernice Frucht, in memory of all my loved ones no longer with me
William & Mary Geong
★Diane & Dick Glanville
★Debbie Goodman, in memory of David Deutsch, our wonderful and much missed dad
★Teri Gregory
★David and Richard Guggenhime, in memory of Charlotte & Dick Guggenhime
★Christopher Hall & Bruce McKenzie, in memory of Elizabeth Hall & Lucy McKenzie
♥Amanda Hamilton
★Phil Hanawalt & Graciela Spivak
★Narvelle Handy
★Elaine Hilp, in memory of Harry Hilp, Jr. and Hank Hilp
Liz Horowitz & Mel Weitsman
★Mary Hudson
Joel Jakubson & Krishna Mitra
Selma Johnson & Kenneth Holmberg, in honor of those affected by current events
♥Susan Karp
Keenan Colton Kelsey
★Beverly Kinney & Tom Rinaldi, in memory of our parents
★Anonymous, in honor of Rolf & Greta Koch
Susan Lai
Arend Lijphart
★Linda Liles, in memory of Wanda Liles
♥Bonnie Lindahl
★Anonymous, in honor of Katie, Gregg, Kylie, Lucas, Camila, Jose, Kim, Andre, and Mira Linh
★Elaine Lo & Bernard Yu
★The Louie Family, in honor of K.G. & M.O. Louie
★Maggie, Tom and Mike
★Lois & Gary Marcus, in memory of Selma & Mose Marcus, and Ruth Weiland
Camilla & Hunter Marvel
The Dean & Donna McCauley Family Fund
♥Wendy & Barry McLaughlin
Dr. Stephen J. McPhee & Ms. Patricia E. Perry, in memory of David Perry McPhee
♥Janis Medina
★Francine Miller
♥Ann & Bill Moon, in memory of Ed & Fran Moon and George & Ada Warren
♥Anonymous, in memory of Betty Moran
Amy Mortensen & David Kohlmeister, in memory of Joan & Alan Mortensen
★Anonymous, in memory of Jacqueline Mozer
♥Kathryn & Peter Muhs
★Patrick & Norma Mulligan
★Chris & Bonnie Mumford, in honor of Dr. Lesley Anderson
♥Roger & Janet Neaves
★William G. & Nancy D. Oldham Philanthropic Fund
★Karl Olson & Carolyn Johnston, in memory of Leon Olson, Reeva Olson, and Mary & Kay Johnston
★Anonymous, in memory of Alice O’Sullivan
★Tom & Gwen Price
Jean Palmer, in memory of Jim Palmer
★Mike Phelan
★Anonymous, in memory of Dick Potter, Tom Numainville and David Breazeale
♥T. Racine
★Janet & Rex Rice
★Julie & Christopher Ridley
★Beverly Rohde
★Mr. & Mrs. William Rosetti
★Anonymous, in memory of Grace Roughton
♥Tracie E. Rowson, in memory of Trudee & Walt Rowson
♥Steve Rundstrom
★Louise Adler Sampson
♥Norman & Adrienne Schlossberg
♥Gabriella Schultz
★Anonymous, in memory of Father Tom Seagrave
★Dore Selix-Gabby, in memory of Sherman Selix, Rusty Selix and James Gabby
★Beverly & Peter Sinton
Todd Sklar & Lynn Mezzatesta, in honor of essential workers
Sylvia Smith & Stanley Kowalski
♥Carla Soracco, in memory of Harriet Berg
♥Carla Soracco, in honor of Otis Taylor
★Stephen Sperber & Roberta Silverstein
★Norman H. Steiner
★Romer Stevenson
★Charles & Sherri Sugarman
★Patricia Thomas, in memory of Hazel Boyd, Sylvia Boyd, and Virginia Neumann
The Toole Fund at Community Foundation Santa Cruz County
★John Ungar
★Mike & Gloria Wilt, in memory of John Chua Egan
Annica & Matt Towers
★Bryan J. Wittlin

Additional Donations

★Judy Aune
Craig & Sheryl Bacharach, in memory of Melvin & Vera Bacharach
★Holly & Alex Bender
★Karen Birks
★Joanne Björk, in memory of Arthur S. Björk
★Tom & Sharon Bjornson
Bruce Blackie, in memory of Lynn Blackie
★Kelly Brant
★Toni & Philip Brooks
★Ayla Christman
Nikki Cohn Tureen, in memory of Chris Shorten
♥Shelly, Peter and Sophia de Vries
★Michael & Theresa Downing
★Susan Egerter & Stephen Creager, in honor of our children and grandchildren
★Fatboy & Jgirl Foundations, in memory of our dear friend Babs
★The Ford-Hemann Family
♥Mr. & Mrs. H.W. Foster
♥Robin Fross, MD, in memory of Ray & Anita Fross
♥Jean Funkhouser
★Alison F. Geballe
★Theodore H. Geballe
★Norman Godinho
♥Janice Gonsalves
★Adriana Gores & John Lamm
★Judy & Jeff Greenhouse
♥Gabe & Eva Gregoratos
★Janet Grison, in memory of Robert Grison
★Helms Family
★Nick & Linda Hoppe
★Ken & Sandra Howard
♥Kimberly M. Hughes
♥M. Anne Jennings, in memory of Susan Strangeland
★Susan & John Johnson
★Joyce Kennard
★Alexa Knight, in memory of Betty & Norton Davey and Jim Duley
★Jude & Eileen Laspa
★Len & Craig
★Sally Lewis, in memory of Edward M. Lewis
★The Manus Family
Suzanne & Lawrence Margerum
★Eric & Janice Mart, in memory of Bob & Marilynn Mart
♥Fred & Jean Matthews
Mark McAuliffe
♥Julie Mills & Larry McSpadden, in memory of Bernice & Fred Mills
★Dorothy Mott
★Macario Namie
♥Henry Navas & Deborah Robbins
★Linda & Edward Plant
★Carolyn & David Pollock
★Trevanion Pope
★Robert and Marcia Popper, in memory of Edie & Ira Plotinsky, Jan Lieberman, and Robert Szarnicki
★Mary C. Randolph
♥Jeanne Rasmussen
★James Ringland & Karen Ivy
★Laurie Ross & Forrest Whitaker
★Christopher Sabre & Jean Loura, in honor of healthcare workers
★The Saccone Family
★Carol Savio
★Sidra Montgomery, LLC, in honor of the tenants of 180 Montgomery
★Contee & Margaret Seely
★JoAnn & Henry Shain
Harriet & Mitchell Sollod
Susan Stiller, in memory of Jane Mintz
★Kevin Tam
♥Wai Yip Tung
★Stewart J. Viets
★Volkmann Giving Fund, in honor of Dan & Marvin Volkmann
Judith Wilber & Bob Miller
★Amy Wright & Ed Batista
★Yerba Buena Fund
★Linda Zimmerman

Anonymous Donations: In Honor/Memory Of

Anonymous in honor of:
★Meta Gruenbaum
★Gertrude Johnson
★Oliver Page
★Ginetta Sagan
★Mary Shintani
★C. Winter
★Judy Yung

Anonymous in memory of:
★Sandy Archer
★Pax Beale
★Virginia Brothers
★Thomas Espinoza
★Arthur B. Gauss
★Felder Graham
★George Kwei
Patricia Menary
★Sandra Mendelsohn
★Stuart Pawsey
★Nicholas Rovetta and Sam C. Koehn
★Randy Schiller
♥Jeanne Shimazaki
★Kim Sloan
★Chester & Toni Swiderski and Patrick & Margaret Molloy
★Virginia Williams